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Probiotics - Any Success Stories???

I have been taking probiotics (Natren) for my UC for a while, but my doc. reccommended VSL #3. The research looks good. I'm wondering if anyone has tried it and had any success?


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I've never heard of it, sorry but I did look up what it was and I'm curious as to how more live bacteria will help. Something else for the immune system to attack (a diversion almost) or does it only work with more mild cases? Are you taking any medication for your condition?
I have UC and have had it for between 15-20 yrs. I only use medicine when I'm flaring, which I am currently. I use Rowasa which is a mesalamine enema. It reduces the inflammation and bleeding. It's the same thing as the other 5-ASA drugs. I am trying these new probiotics since my doctor said they have helped some of his other UC patients. I am just really sensitive to medicines. The Rowasa makes me lose a lot of hair, which really is depressing, but it does stop my bleeding, so it needs to be done. I am hoping that this new probiotic can help me so I can wean off of the medicine. The research looks good, but I guess I will have to try it for at least a month to see if it makes a significant difference. I was hoping that others might have tried it/had success with it. How are you feeling since changing your meds? I hope that you get better quickly!
Oops, I forgot. Probiotics are supposed to work to get rid of the bad bacteria and protect the lining of your intestines to prevent irritation. They are also supposed to help with digestion.
I took Align and saw no results - either good or bad. I am possibly going to try some out of the refrigerated section in a Health Food Store just for the supposed health benefits, as long as they aren't ridiculously expensive. I can't afford VSL, tho.
Probiotics are good because they can prevent secondary infections like C.Diff. They are really important especially after rounds of antibiotics. They can also prevent other opportunistic infections like thrush/yeast infections. I take them for that reason alone. There are studies that show they regulate bowel movements in healthy people.