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Probiotics taken everyday?


I have a question regarding probiotics.

I have recently been taking them, but have been thinking that perhaps they do not need to be taken daily. If they are replenishing the body of a potential good bacteria deficiency, wouldn't taking the probiotics allow the body to replenish itself to get the proper balance back? If this is the case, isn't it just as effective to take the probiotics once every other day to once a week if there are currently no ill effects of active disease (I am in remission)?

This was a thought I had so I would love any feedback.


not sure about that Mike. I used to take them, then got lazy and wasnt taking them every day until not at all. I never noticed any difference with or with out them to be honest. I think at the time my crohns was severe so nothing was going to help. took 2 years of trying every drug, and then a nuclear bomb of methotrexate shots and 6 remicade infussions for me to notice any changes.
hope it helps, whoever is taking them.

Cara Fusinato

Sarcastic Forum Comedian
I took VSL#3 everyday. In theory, one would think the bacteria would set up shop and inhabit. However, our bodies have a remarkable means of flushing out the system. Also, certain things kill the bacteria (the box mentions carbonation). You never know when a new bad bacteria hits the system and causes the immune system to do bad things, so it's wise to have plenty of good bacteria around. I originally tried to undercount the bacteria but then I thought, how much am I saving? What if I am wrong? What if I take just a bit too little and don't get the effects and so it was all a waste? Thus, I attended to the proper dose. Now, you won't feel any different. Probiotic doesn't reduce inflammation or even prevent it. It helps slow the immune response to try and reduce the long-term effects (fistula, ulceration, strictures, etc.). There's some fascinating research online about probiotics out of Australia, if you search hard enough. I don't have the links, but they are on the search engine (try probiotic for crohn's -- and the like). This is certainly an illness you don't want to skimp on. I tell people, "if I get it wrong or get careless, I get pieces of me cut out." That's the truth, one might as well do it up right and try to beat the odds.


I have to agree with the previous thread, sorry. But why risk getting sick, when taking that small dose of probiotics daily instead of every other day could have prevented it. The thing is we just dont know, its all experimental, you know? Even the medication we have the most information on, we dont know much about. And considering this isnt a medication per-se...then it makes me thhink.