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my little penguin

Staff member
My kiddo was on vsl#3 for years and then switched to visobiome when the company changed names
He still takes visobiome double strength prescription packet every single day
Thanks for the reply. We’ve been recommended to take the Visbiome capsules. What is the biggest change you’ve seen since your child has been on it?

my little penguin

Staff member
Capsules are not useful
They recommend a script to be beneficial
Double strength packets have 900 billon per packet
Requires a prescription
That was what was used in the studies

Most prescription plans don’t cover it
But rx app coupons if in the US lower the price to $62 a month for packets (30 days )
Vs capsules you would need to take 8 a day which equals one bottle at $42 a week

We use buzz rx app -locally Walgreens is the cheapest without insurance with that app
But it does change so we check often

My kiddo even though he has crohns has a lot of rectal issues /abdominal pain /spasming
All of these things decrease significantly after using visobiome
It takes 4 weeks to see any difference

We did stop more than once and symptoms returned
So we know it’s helping him

Most with crohns don’t see any difference

Studied more in UC

Most Gi are not aware of the app coupons so they try to help by trying capsules first thinking it’s cheaper
It’s not
Thank you for providing all of your experience with the Visbiome. My daughter has similar symptoms such as rectal pain & abdominal cramping. Medications like bentyl and gabapentin did not help- they actually made her symptoms worse.
All things to consider. Thanks again