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Probitiocs: VSL #3


Have you heard of the probiotic VSL#3? This is not your ordinary probiotics that you may find in yoghurt, or even your average probiotic dosage.

VSL#3 was created specifically for use in Ulcerative Colitis and Irratible Bowel Syndrome. I would assume it works well also in Crohn's Disease, but I could not find that anywhere.

VSL#3 is one of the only probiotics that is backed with level one scietific data. This means that it was proven to be scientifically and statistically effective for treating Ulcerative Colitis in a double-bind, placebo controlled study. Each packet contains 8 strains of living bacteria and over 450 billion live bacteria are in each packet.

According to the VSL#3 website

A recent study concluded that 77% of the patients using VSL#3® for active Ulcerative Colitis either achieved remission or had a positive response to the product with no adverse events.
This is great news, but here are some of the problems.

First, testing is still being done on its effectiveness, so this may not be available for you yet, or be seen as beneficial by your doctor (I believe a presciption is needed for it).

Next, a package of 30 packets (I am assuming this lasts for one month) costs $75. My gastroenterologist told me about these, and said they costed a few hundred dollars a month, so more regular use is more likey (2-3 packets a day are then probably needed). This is not covered under a drug plan, as probiotics are living food, which are not considered a drug.

This is still interesting to see that overall it has been found (scientifically) that some probiotics can definately treat Inflammatory Bowel Disease with no side effects. If you are taking probiotics, remember it is important that you are taking a strong enough strain and the right types.


I've used them before and noticed a tremendous change in the way I felt for the better. You didnt need a prescription at all, supplements are not regulated like drugs.

Their has actually been clinical trials on this drug, so the info can be backed in true scientific terms.

Cara Fusinato

Sarcastic Forum Comedian
I used VSL#3 right at the beginning. Expensive. Didn't notice much in the way of change, though. Then, when I began with the mangosteen juice, it has anti-bacterial properties so I just went with it and dropped the VSL. I still have a few packets floating around.