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Problems with Methotrexate. Looking for an alternative. Help!

Hello everyone. I'm new here. I am a 15 year old male. I was diagnosed with Crohns Disease in October of 2011. I tried Balsalazide, Prednisone, and natural herbs, but nothing worked. I lost down to 59 pounds and was severely anemic. After two trips to the hospital and countless trips to the bathroom, I was put on Remicade. Remicade does great for me. After a few months, I had a colonoscopy. It showed a slight narrowing in my colon, and a spot of inflamed tissue in that same area. I was then put on methotrexate. I am having another colonoscopy in the upcoming months, but this is my story with MTX. I was put on it to see if It would help narrow that small stricture. The doctor thought it was either scar tissue or inflammation. If it was inflammation, he said the MTX would calm it down. If it was scar tissue, he said he would have to go in with a ballon and stretch it out. The MTX also made me be able to wait the full 8 weeks ( I was at every 6 weeks) for my Remicade. The thing about MTX is this...I take it by injection (8 cc) every Friday. It leaves me feeling soooooo tired for the whole weekend. I really HATE it. It makes me nauseaous ( I take zofran) and gives me body pains and dark urine (sometimes its almost a red tint). I am just wondering if there is any alternative for MTX that anyone would recommend for my situations. I am really tired with all the side effects of this med, and I am really looking for something else. Also I take 1 mg of frolic acid every day except the day I take my shot. PLEASE HELP!!!!!! Thanks. :smile: