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Hello all! I have been lurking in this forum for around 3 months without posting much.
I had my colonoscopy today which I was diagnosed with the following:
Ulcerated mucosa in my rectum- biopsies taken.
Scattered areas of erythematous mucosa in the rectum and recto-sigmoid colon- biopsies taken.
I also had two polyps that were removed. My terminal ileum appeared normal but biopsies were taken.
I had a quick chat to my surgeon afterwards and she believes it to be Proctitis.

My symptoms started with occasional blood in my stools in January which led to constipation/diarrhea, urgency to go to the toilet which I would only pass blood and mucous. The mucous isn't so bad at present, just the blood. I also have intolerances to lactose, caffeine, orange juice, large amounts of chicken and eggs.

I don't know much about this at all as I've been reading more UC stuff. Is this the same or completely different?
I have to wait to see my surgeon again in two weeks for the biopsy results as well as a plan for my medication. Depending on the results, she or a gastroenterologist will then look after me.

Can anyone shed some light on my condition? Your symptoms and how you control it? Does this go into remission or will I need to live with it every day like this?

Thankyou so much in advance!!!


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I was dx'd with Proctitis over 6yrs ago.I presented with the same symptoms as yours.I am lucky as I can more or less control mine with Asacol suppositories,but I do have to be careful with diet.I also take loperamide to control the urgency.I have a flare once or twice a year,then I up the meds until it's under control again.Every body is different,so don't read too many horror stories on-line.I took about a month to get mine sorted once I was on the meds.Good Luck and keep us posted.We all help each other on here.Proctitis is a the lower end of the rectum by the way,but it can travel further up in time.Mine hasn't so far.

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I was diagnosed with Proctitis this year. Can't shed a whole lot of light since I too am still learning. Doctor and I are still working together to get mine under control. Have an appointment with him on Thursday 4/11.
Thanks for the advice :) there doesn't seem to be too many horror stories with proctitis anyhow which is good!
Seeing my surgeon in a week and a bit so looking forward to seeing how we will tackle this.
I am so sore from my colonoscopy yesterday- all my lower abdomen is so sore I can't walk properly. Only my normal amount of blood loss and have been able to have a small runny poo earlier too- they told me it would probably be 2 or 3 days til I could go!
My formal diagnosis is proctitis. There was no evidence of crohns at this stage so treating it as UC related. I am starting pentasa suppositories tomorrow while I wait to see a gastroenterologist to treat me.
My symptoms are slowly getting worse- I'm now having to go to the toilet up to 5 times a night and up to 25 or so times all up in a 24 hour period. Most of this is blood, gas and mucous. Toilets are ruling my life at present and I just want to feel normal :(
With those symptoms, you should be on an oral medication--something like Pentasa, Delzicol, Apriso, Lialda, etc. The suppositories are probably helping some, but not enough.

I certainly feel for you. Been there!

Edit: I read that wrong. I thought you had already been on the suppositories for awhile. Hang in there!
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