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Any experience with this? Helpful hints or tips more than welcome.
Partner is struggling at the minute with it as it's been a real pain in the @ss... literally.
- he has just started Prednisolone 40mg which will hopefully help!

Thanks in advance!
The oral pred should help. I was also given prednisolone suppositories for a month alongside the tablets and they really helped - better than the steroid enemas which can go up too far and miss the rectal inflammation.

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I'm sorry, I just saw this. As you can see, we have an Ulcerative Proctitis support group here on the forum and I encourage you to click on the link I have here in my signature for it.

I was diagnosed with UP in 2013. Was your partner just diagnosed and what medications is he on? Nitty is correct, the suppositories are a necessity for this on top of his oral medications. Another thing that might help could be some wet wipes while he's flaring rather than TP. It will make things a little more comfortable especially if he's on the toilet so often.

I am enclosing a couple of websites for you that have some good info. Feel free to contact me for more info.