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Proctocolectomy and Ileostomy

I am having a Proctocolectomy and Ileostomy on Feb.7th.I have already had 2 colostomy surgeries,neither one has functioned right and my new colo-rectal surgeon at the University of Kentucky, says my insides are wrecked and I need the proctocolectomy.I have Crohn's disease that turned into rectal cancer and the Chemo and Radiation did a number on my insides,has anyone else had this problem and how is an ileostomy different from a colostomy.
Others with a similar situation as yours will be able to help you more, but I did want to at least clarify the difference between ileostomy and colostomy. Colostomy is when part of the colon is brought to the surface of the abdomen and ileostomy is when part of the small intestine is brought to the surface of the abdomen. With colostomy, the output is generally more solid like a normal bowel movement, and with ileostomy, the output is either liquid or a toothpaste consistency.
My problem is that both of my colostomies have had severe leakage problems and nothing but liquid has ever come out of either one,I was hopeful the ileostomy would be better.
Hi Debbie, sounds like you've had a rough time!! I would say to just make sure that you ask your surgeon to make a stoma that sticks out quite a way. Especially if you'll be having this stoma for the rest of your life!! Mine sticks out quite far and I rarely get leakin problems. I also take loperamide to thicken up my output which also helps!


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Debbie you poor thing, you've certainly been through a lot. Unfortunately i don't think an ileostomy will be better as far as liquidness goes cos absorption of liquid happens in the large bowel and this will now be bypassed, however, as Michelle said loperamide and "thickening" foods can help. My doctor told me that over time the small bowel does learn to compensate - not sure whether this is true or not, or rather, how long you have to wait.
Hope your leakage problems stop. Michelle is right ileostomys are more sticky out than colostomys which is why you were prob getting the leaks a Stoma that sticks out a couple of inches is the best. I've only had around 3 leaks in nearly 2 years and they were due to other complications.
Also the ileostomy will be on your right side instead of the left. On average you empty around 6/7 times a day.
Good luck with your surgery hope you get peace sounds like youve had a really rough time you deserve a break!
Thank you all for your support,I really appreciate it.My surgeon said she would make sure the stoma sticks out far enough.I guess if this doesn't work they could put PVC pipe in and use that for my "pluming".lol.Thurs. is coming fast.I just want to get it over with.
All the best for Thursday. I hope the operation can help towards making things at least a little better. :)
Best of luck with your upcoming surgery. I had a partial colectomy and loop ileostomy on November 27th. It was my first major surgery. I wish you the best.