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Proctocolectomy Rear End Stitches

I saw my regular surgeons associate due to the fact that my surgeon was out of town this week. I was suppose to have my butt stitches removed today, from my proctocolectomy. The doctor got 2 out, with me screaming and sobbing in pain, before he stopped.
He prescribed me some pain pills and said, "take these before you come back next Wednesday to have your surgeon remove them."

Not to mention 2 days ago I called his office to try to get some pain meds because I had ran out and was having a really hard time. 3 messages and one conversation with his nurse who said she'd call back after noon and nothin. Not a damn thing.

Is the pain of the stitches coming out suppose to hurt this much? I assume so because its a super sensitive area. Also Is it normal for them not help you be more comfortable during the removal?

I'm sooooooo scared about having them out now after this preview of what's to come.
Hi JennaRae, sorry to say that yes, it does really hurt. Your surgeon will be more skilled at removing the stitches so hopefully he will be quicker. Just brace yourself and let them get on with it. Focus on how much better you will feel afterwards. Within a day or so the relief was wonderful. My surgeon had a nurse with him. One of them snipped the stitch and the other pulled. It was all over very quickly. Stay nice and still and concentrate on how great you will feel just a minute or so later xxx
I don't honestly remember mine being taken out. I think a few came out naturally and my stoma nurse cut a few out. How long have you had them for? Did they not put dissolvable ones in?
KazT17 not what I wanted to hear. Lol
Thank you for being honest!i know it will feel so much better afterwards I just know its going to Suck during. Lol

Misty Eyed there are no dissolvable ones in there and today is day 16 post op so by time they come out it will be a day over 3 weeks!!!
Sorry JennaRae, I just didn't want you to think something was wrong - it really will be over quickly and you will feel so much better afterwards. My surgeon waited 3 weeks before removing mine. Lots of love, Kaz xxxx