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Promising results for new treatment!

this medication failed to be better than placebo in early studies

there are billions riding on this medication, don't just read news agencies, read the studies too, vedoluzimab has failed in a number of trials

a number of people have said that that medication does not come through the front door of their hospital, because of:

1. the deaths during the tysabri trials
2. the failure to show it's better than placebo

there's a lot of hype around this medication, even though it's been tried and failed in the past

infliximab patents are expiring and Europe has just approved biosimilars, companies behind vedoluzimab need to make a profit or they're going to lose billions, if the medication works or not is irrelevant to them

I saw Dr Feegan talking about this on Canada AM today! :)
he works for Takeda and his own trials, which should be taken with a huge grain of salt, are unable to show clinical significance over placebo

CDAI scores are also open to interpretation at times, which makes them very hard to interpret

the link from the OP is from the study, 36% on vedoluzimab achieved remission vs 22% on placebo

the study before that showed 53% on vedoluzimab achieved remission vs 41% on placebo

other studies showed that the difference was insignificant

those are rates of pentasa, for such a controversial drug, rates are hugely disappointing, not promising
I was in this study. I did not go into remission but did respond well. I was removed from the study late last summer/early fall (after almost 2 years). It was the first time I had luck with any treatment. If they had allowed combination treatment I think it might have been a perfect fit. Of course it was a study and strict guidelines had to be followed.
its a shame that pharmaceuticals are the way they are...its a shame also that those companies have invested so much in biologics that they are trying to find every possible use for them to make money off of. There has to be better options for crohn's meds that don't have so many negative and potentially fatal side effects. My guess is that there is something, they know what it is, and there is no money to be made off of it so they don't care about it. I know that medical marijuana, diet, and probiotics have helped me more than anything my doc gave me....
This actually doesn't carry the PML risk I believe. It's been less effective in trials for CD than for UC but for UC patients it's incredibly promising and actually has a good safety profile and good results in trials. Personally, after trying everything under the sun for my kid, I welcome more targeted meds . This and the SSI vaccine are the two I'm waiting for.