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Hey all. It's been a long time and things are mostly quiet here. Just a quick question. L's GI likes to test urine once a year since he is on a 5-ASA due to the rare chance of renal involvement on the med. We went at the end of September and he had +1 protein in his urine. His blood work as far as kidney function goes all looked normal and there was no blood or sugar in the urine. His glucose and blood pressure are also normal. I brought it to his pediatrician's attention and he mentioned it was likely Orthostatic Proteinuria so we would check a first morning void to confirm no protein in that sample. Much to my surprise, his first morning urine was also +1. His pediatrician ordered a renal ultrasound for this Wednesday so naturally, I'm freaking out. He did mention that if it wasn't orthostatic proteinuria, whatever it is was caught super early, but I'm just wondering what we can catch on an ultrasound if it's super early. Can we even tell if it is med related? Anyone deal with this and know what they would be looking for? Thanks!

my little penguin

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Can you see a nephrologist?
I would try to get an appointment
They are the kidney specialists
Ds has bilateral renal cysts found accidentally on the ct scan at his crohns dx
Anything kidney related you want nephrology involved.
Just like you don’t want the pediatrician to treat crohns you want Gi
It’s important to have a specialist rule in or rule out things

In Ds case it’s simple ultrasound monitoring every two years
And kidney function blood tests a 2-3 times a year

Good luck