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Psoas abscess - help please

Hi I'm looking for some advise from anyone who has/had a psoas abscess.

I've had recurring abscesses this last year that were resolved with antibiotics. I had one years ago that needed draining before my Crohn's diagnosis. I felt same symptoms last week and GP prescribed antibiotics. The abscess came up under the skin and burst Monday evening. I went to A and E as advised and they just cleaned it I'm getting dressing changed Friday by nurse at GP surgery. My IBD nurse is trying to get me an appointment with surgical team.

I'd like anybody's experience please. What treatment have you had? What worked? To be honest it's driving me mad now. The pain and discomfort is not great but I can deal with it. It's the fact that it keeps reappearing and nobody seems to want to take responsibility in terms of resolving it completely. They only seem to want to prescribe antibiotics and deal with symptoms rather than dealing with underlying issue.

Thanks in advance