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Psychiatric therapy without medication.

I was wondering if anyone has tried long term one-on-one therapy with a psychiatrist without any medications and has had success with dealing with their anxiety and depression caused by IBD. I was thinking about starting, but it is very expensive even with tricare and want to know if it's worth the cost? I'm really hesitant to add any more medications to the mix at this point. I already feel like I'm gonna die young from pumping so many steroids and immunosuppressive drugs through my body.
It does help a lot of people. If you want to go the drug free route, see a psychologist. They charge less but they generally can not prescribe medications. There's a lot more psychologists than psychiatrists also.


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Second the psychologist and one who uses cognitive behavioral therapy
That has shown to be as effective as meds for anxiety in some people
Good luck
Not sure if this helps, but I dealt with chronic depression of 10+ years through only therapy. Took 2 years and alot of money, but I had tried anti depressants before and found it uncomfortable. It's been taken care of very well, but recently I have developed anxiety and depression once more from stomach problems (undiagnosed), so I am going back to the doctor next week to talk medication. I'm going to talk about coping methods other than medication with her, if there are any options. I'll try to come back with some alternatives :)
I see a psychiatrist regularly who deals with illness as one of her areas. She has been great for me. We have looked into all aspects of my life that cause anxiety and set up measures for me to manage them as well as techniques I can use.

I don't think I could have coped with everything that has gone on in the last few months without her.