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Hi all,

After almost dieing last year I have been very well for 6 months.

I just did a hugely stresfull house move across Europe (3000miles) and I have started a flare up with my UC. I started back on Imuran Medrol and Instafalk, vitamins omega 3, I take Iron and Pentassa granuals, bleeding stopped almost overnight, I have pains on and off as if things moving over a bad patch inside (like wind pains).

Question I have is, the diarrhea is my worst problem now, I have ordered some of the above capsules does anybody use them or know if they will absorb all that diarrhea and stop me going quite so much?

I also got some Aloa vera capsules but won't take them until I finished this little 5 week course I have put myself on, I believe Aloa vera doesn't go too well with the above drugs.

All thoughts appreciated. ( and cure ideas lol)


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My daughter uses natural psyllium husks to control her the diarrhoea associated with her short bowl syndrome.

As far as I know she has not used capsules but other commercially produced psyllium products, Metamucil etc, caused her pain and bloating. I don't know if it is the flavouring used or some other additive but she did not like the side effects. She has not had this problem with the natural husks though.

I know this works well on its own for her but she has also further refined her diet and is now vegan, she also consumes very little processed food. She has gone from using her bowels about 7-8 times a day for 4 years to now using them once a day. The transition to this type of diet hasn't been easy but she feels the further benefits are well worth the sacrifices. This is her experience though and may not be suitable for you as I know many here cannot tolerate the amount of fruit and vegetable she eats.

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I have been using Metamucil (psyllium hisk powder) for about 6 months. It took my system a while to get used to it, maybe about a month. For that month I had really bad gas. After that, all is good.

About a week ago I started psyllium seed powder in addition to the husk powder. The seed powder is supposed to work better than the husk powder but it tastes like dirt!