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Puking it up again

puking it up again

just took my meds and puked up, ugh puking twice this week i dont know why. it also concerns me since everyone else here seems to say they dont have an issue with throwing up.


i went through a month wher i would throw up.. id also throw up after taking my meds.. although it wasnt becasue of the meds.

maybe you should consult your doctor?
currently i dont have a GI because my GI suggested I see someone else because i wasnt getting better. so im kinda just working on fixing myself. i wanna get off as much of the meds as possible over time and heal myself through diet.
When I first was getting sick I would feel nauseous all the time. If I ate more than a couple bites of food I would want to throw up. Unfortunately I HATE throwing up so I would fight it till the bitter end. Now I just get that way if my pain gets really bad.


im from stoke :)

definatly see a doctor jsut to be on the safe side

To clarify, Stoke is across the pond, UK, hippie. :)

I had a bout for a couple months at my worst where I had bad nausea but never vomited, came close though...I must have a strong stomach, I've not thrown up in about 15 years.

I've seen on this forum people say vomiting can be a sign of an obstruction.
I've dealt with the vomiting issues too but never when taking my meds. I got 'script for phenegren and haven't had any problems since then. If I feel the nausea coming on I just pop one and I'm usually good to go.
Thank you everyone, if I puke up again I am definitely going to contact my doctor.

I don't think it is an obstruction though because that would be vomiting coupled with really bad pain and thankfully the past few days I haven't had too much pain.

Laura I was gonna say if you are from Florida or NY I may know you, but not if you are 1,000 miles away in the land of Brits.

Drew that phenegren thing sounds nice.
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I cannot take Phenergan because it knocks me out, it is also used in a different application as a sedative. You could try Zofran, it is a seretonin blocker - usually used for chemo patients. It is what I am on.


nope not if im in england and you are in america :D:D

that phenergan sounds brilliant is it avaliable in the uk?
You may have a stricture that is not allowing food to pass. Or you could have an allergy to a food which swells up your intestines or some degree of both.

I can still bring on a stricture like episode if I eat Malt or Onions. They swell up my intestines. Since I had my stricture removed I know it is inflammation and not a current stricture.

Just so you know my son has a semi obstruction and throws up after some meals not all just some. He also NEVER has any pain!! So just because there is no pain does not mean something isn't wrong. Go get yourself checked out!!


I throw up a lot, too.

I think part of though is because, when I was first diagnosed with Crohn's, I was on drugs like Imuran that can make you throw-up--and that's what, among other things, they did for me. (I wasn't really throwing up before going on Imuran.) So since I was throwing up so much, my body associates the stomach pains of Crohn's with throwing up, and so when I get one, now I get the other, too. Sometimes though throwing up does help the pain temporarily.