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Purinethol/Mercaptopurine and pregnancy...halp!!!

Okay so following my trip to the ER, I've been hospitalised since Tuesday. Had many many discussions with my awesome, amazing and very knowledgeable doctor about treatment. At the moment, we agreed to keep taking purinethol as long as necessary and stop the medication as soon as my condition will allow. I am however extremely worried. It is a cytotoxic medication with risks involved. I don't want to Google too much of it, lest I drive myself nuts. Any moms out there with experience with immune suppressors and pregnancy? How did it go for you??


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The main thing is for you to be healthy. Poor health and malnutrition etc can have devastating effects on the baby. 6MP is a class C drug meaning that there are possible risks (drugs that are category D or X should be completely avoided during pregnancy) but untreated disease also has risks. Many members have had healthy babies while on 6MP during pregnancy (I cannot recall a member ever saying that it caused any damage to the baby since I joined in 2010). I take it as well and have been trying to conceive but no luck yet. My GI wants me to stay on 6MP if I do become pregnant. The only doctors I've spoken to who said I should stop it aren't very knowledgeable about Crohn's. In the end it's your decision but just remember that your health is the key to a healthy baby. Congratulations on your pregnancy. :)