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Putting on Weight

heyy guys,

So for all my life i've been pretty dam thinn and its really beginning to annoy me, as i eat a lot yet none of the food i ever eat gets put on as weight, and i can only think it is due to Crohns. I've often had to take a lot of crap from people as there always seems to be a few peeps that make fun of you cos yur so thin, and im pretty sick of it now. I do a lot of exercise too, i have football training 3 times a week and play almost every other day with my mates. I also do much more in the way of press ups/running that kind of stuff, yet i never put on any muscle, and i do much more than a lot of other people who seem to put on muscle really easily.

Now im not just another one of those peeps who seems sooo blinded by trying to be what everyone sees is perfect, but i do want to at least look normal instead of like really thin.

so anyone here got any tips on putting on weight healthily?

thanks ;)


No tips ... but am in exactly the same situation, with slightly less football training :) If someone says to me once more, "you are so luck to be naturally thin ..."

Take care of yourself buddy,.
Hi Blue
R you diagnosed with Crohns ? If you are then, not putting on weight could be due to not absorbing the nutrients from your food. You should see a doctor and get some tests done . You may need to be looked at by a GI to determine if you have a gastro problem. Most people with Crohns /IBD related illness do have a issue putting on weight.
yesss i am diagnosedd with crohns got diagnosed in october last year, still going bad tho. On azathioprine and prednisolone and pentasa and some vitamin stuff atm.. but im going off the steroids cos im now on aza, also got a MRI next week to see if its inflamed in my intestine or something too, as all i had before was a colonoscopy. so ya :(
What helped me to put on weight was weight lifting, eating a paleo or primitive diet, and taking a few supplements like 5000ius of D3, some fish oil, melatonin, vitamin K2. When I began lifting a few years ago I weighed around 150lbs. Today I'm close to 180lbs. I think what helped also was resting often instead of lifting every other day as many do. Just twice a week will I go to the gym. As worn down as I can become from the gut don't think I could handle more than twice a week.
I have to agree with beach,
i put on 10 kg by going paleo, nothing else (work is fairly physical but no exercise)
Blue - I am in the same situation mate, really struggle to put any weight on at all! I would recommend some protein shakes/weight gain supplements. The one i use (works pretty well for me) is Maximuscle Progain. I hate being skinny but I play mens rugby and give as good as i get, don't let it get you down pal!