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Putting Weight on that I don't want! Help!?!

So... I am currently coming out of a flare.
I have had my Imuran/Azathioprine increased to 125mg
and I have to take 4g of Pentasa

and I am feeling a lot better. No more D!!! :poop:

Anyway. I am 5ft 6in = 167cm
I weigh 9 stone now. (57.1kg or 126lbs)

When I was in my flare I went down to 120lbs (8 stone 8)
and since the flare getting better I have been eating normally but sensibly.
(no takeaways, no fatty/greasy foods, nothing that is a trigger)
D has gone away for now, BM about 2 a day.

But I am starting to put weight on without steroids, and I really don't want too.
I have serious self esteem issues and an irrational fear of being overweight.
Since before illness I was very overweight.
So when I see weight coming on I panic. I know I probably sound insane but it's really bothering me.

Any advice on any aspect of it???
The way I tend to think about extra pounds now is like saving for a rainy day. In this case, those are buffer pounds in case you have another flare.

Also, there was a video posted recently, I think by nogutsnoglory, which I can't find - but it was about how women critique themselves much more than the people they meet. So, you should know you're beautiful just like you are!
At 5'6" and 126 lbs, it doesn't sound like you are anywhere close to being overweight. Your body is probably trying to reach a healthy weight now that you are coming out of the flare. How you feel is so much more important than how you look, and remember that we are all our own worst critics. Others will tell you how good you look. Take their word for it and not your own self-image, especially if you know you have self-esteem issues. Your worth and beauty are so much more than just a number on a scale.


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I like to think of your situation as your body wanting to get healthy again and craving what it needs....nutrients! :p

At 5'6 and 120something lbs...you are already considered at a healthy weight.

However, now that you are in better health, I would simply suggest you focus on understanding your "healthier" body better. Be mindful and eat a balanced diet (or as balanced as your crohn's will allow you to get). Drink plenty of water, eat your veggies and lots of protein.

I have read online that high-protein/lower carb diets help with weight maintenance and weight loss. Just google high-protein diet and see for yourself. Protein is good for us crohnies too. Here's one article for example

Get your routine exercise in, rebuild your muscle to help reduce the amount of fat trapped in your body. Flares are really good at taking away muscle mass.

In fact...with regards to muscle, a lot of women lack in this department. maybe focus your energy on toning up more rather than weight loss and you not only will look better, but you should feel better about your appearance too.