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Pyoderma Gangrenosum

Hey guys,

I seem to be developing a small bout of this after several years without symptoms. Originally diagnosed as erythema nodosum, but the manifestation is classic PG - small papules/pustules in a cluster that coalesce and eventually ulcerate, peri-wound inflammation with dark violet or blue borders). I have significant scarring from when I was 19/20 due to lack of appropriate treatment (also no Crohns dx until 22-23) and knowledge about proper wound care.
Given that I can only see a clinic GP at this point, does anyone familiar with the condition have any advice on helping guide physicians unfamiliar with it in a treatment plan? It's a small closed wound at this point, and I'd like to avoid systemic (oral) steroids, but unsure if topical or local injectable steroids will be sufficient given the inflammation is spreading into subcutaneous tissue.
Update in case anyone was interested - got an Rx for betaderm and protopic for now. Decent clinic doctor, at least he wasn't afraid to google it while we were talking. Also took a culture swab to follow best practice.
Glad you are getting good care. Hope you heal up well and soon.
I had small ulcerations on both of my legs. They cleared up as my IBD went into remission. Even the scarring has faded now. Very scary.