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I have recently been diagnosed with Crohn's disease although have had symptoms for 10 years and even a bowel resection 4 years ago that was misdiagnosed.

I have specifically been diagnosed with Crohn's in my small bowel/ileum. My colon is unaffected. Therefore I am wondering if I need surgery again in the future, hypothetically why may a stoma bag become necessary if my colon is unaffected?

I realise this may never happen - that I may never need surgery again and if I do, that they may just be able to do a bowel resection again like last time. However, I am just trying to understand more, and understand if it does become a possibility that I will need a stoma - why that may be the case? Like why would they not be able to just join my large bowel and small bowel together again if my large bowel is OK?

Thank you
I ended up with a stoma after my surgery. This was done because my intestines were considered "friable" by the surgeons. Where they closed my intestines, it eventually separated after 4 days and I became septic. The stoma was done for my safety because the infection was so bad. The surgery was an ileostomy since it was in the small intestine.

I'm not sure of other reasons for a stoma, but I'm sure other people can share their stories.
I had an ileostomy for a three months a few years ago; I also didn't have any disease in my colon. I had several fistulas from my small bowel including one going to my bladder and one to my rectum. My surgeon decided that to give them the best chance of healing a Stoma would be the best option for me. I had my Stoma reversed after three months and have been pretty well since then.

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Hi i had a bowel resection n tempory stoma. I was give the stoma so my bowel could rest and heal. My crohns is in my ileum or least it was at time of op. Since my first op n stoma 2yrs ago on the 18 march iv been in remisson. There can be many reasons a stoma may be required either as a tempory or permanent stoma. Some people can have resections without needing a stoma. I was told pre op i may or may not have to have a tempory one. Best wishes :hug: