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Quest to lose weight!

I am on a quest to lose a bit of podge, and get fit and healthy and obviously this can be a challenge for us Crohnies, and I am quite a fan of 'fitspo' inspiration sites for fitness tips and motivation, I am also obviously a fan of Crohns sites for positive thinking etc.
So I have created a fitspo Instagram page following my quest to fitness whilst battling crohns and the obstacles I face in the hope of helping other people, giving someone some inspiration or motivation
So, if you want to follow my Instagram page feel free please and thankyou :)
Really trying to do high protien, low fibre... highest possible nutrition at low calorie, in an attempt to control my condition, lose weight and get fit all in one... :)
All my meals are documented on Instagram too for people to see :)
Although it doesn't sound like a massive amount, about 12lbs! As I have already lost 7lbs before starting documenting it on Instagram :) Thanks for the support


I think its hard because being low fiber eliminates a lot of healthy and low fat products. High protein helps but I find I need carbs to feel decent.


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Good luck and have fun! What type of exercise are you doing to get fit? I find that lifting weights has become my favorite thing. I haven't lost weight from lifting weights, but I've shifted some of my flab (thanks, Entocort) into muscle. I haven't been trying to lose weight though, I just wanted to build up some muscle mass, so that's been going very well. :) I also do yoga and some cardio, but weights are my favorite thing.
Treadmills, Excercise Bikes, Stairmasters, Rowing are my Cardio Sets
Then my weight training depends on what area of the body I am doing on that certain day!
I am looking forward to seeing results whenever they start to come!
Weight training is important to weight loss, because muscle burns more calories than fat, and the more muscle mass you have, the higher your metabolic rate will be. Good luck!