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Question about appetite loss

question about appetite loss

hey all!

so, i'm wondering...

i've started to notice a pattern.

i will have stressful periods in my life, eat more... gain a lot of weight. but then, it's like my weight will get to this maximum point...

suddenly, i lose my appetite and begin losing weight quickly.

initially i have no pain... it's just appetite loss and tiredness.

perhaps in between phases of inflammation my body fattens up to prepare for war? or maybe it's all in my head and it's just that i lose my appetite because i'm not stressed?

anyone else have a similar pattern with their appetite, weight fluctuation and flares ups?

when i lose weight now, it's in 4 pound clusters... like pretty much overnight.
Oh well... I guess I'm just weird, maybe it's not crohns related? But I was looking in my food journal last night and I fin it strange that exactly a year ago the same thing happened... Stopped eating as much and was losing weight quickly... Then 6 months later a terrible phase of flareups.

Maybe it's the season? Maybe in my head lol
My weight always fluctuates. I slowly gain weight for the most part when I am feeling good... then I lose weight when I'm not feeling so good. I just chalk it down as I feel good, so I eat and gain weight. When I don't feel good, I don't eat and lose weight.
i have huge fluctuations in my weight as well. usually the crohn's symptoms start out slowly and the weight starts to drop. i know i am in for a rough ride usually when that starts.


I'm the same as Dustin, and when I'm nauseous, I can't eat, like now, cos I'm tapering to 5mg of Pred, so I have no appetite, whereas on 40mg I ate the entire contents of the kitchen, and my weight is up and down like a yo-yo!!
Hi J, nice to see you around the forum. I really don't eat much because I still have discomfort and pain when I do. If I am really flaring or just feeling off, I won't eat for two or more days at a time. I try to just go for protein for the instant energy. I average about one meal a day I guess. As far as the weight goes, I have not lost much in terms of numbers but inches of muscle of my arms and upper legs.

Hope everything else is going well for you.