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Question about colonoscopy and taking iron

I'm scheduled for a colonoscopy on Monday, the 25th, at noon. I forgot to stop taking iron until after I took some (650mg) this morning. I've been on 1300mg daily prior. The colonoscopy is pre-testing for a stem cell transplant so it isn't quite as concerned about evaluating things, but mainly one more confirmation that what I have is indeed Crohn's.

I can't get in touch with anyone about it until Monday morning so I wanted to see if anyone here might have been in a similar situation and if it had to be rescheduled. Thanks!


Ive had a signoidoscopy whilst being on iron tablets, it just makes the stuff left inside dark brownish, but doesnt effect the colour of your bowels. Never seen anything to say stop taking iron talets when i had a colonoscopy either.
Thanks, rygon. I don't recall being told to stop iron from all of my previous scopes, just the more recent ones. That gives me some peace of mind.
I do believe you are supposed to stop as the residue from the tablets left behind means they can't get as clear a visual.

Not really much you can do though now so just let them know Monday :)