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Question about prednisone//medrol dose pack

Hey, I don't have crohn's, but i have herniated discs and back pain. i was thinking of asking my dr to prescribe me a 6 day medrol dose pack. i was just curious if anyone here thinks that on that dose i would experience bone loss, moon face, muscle loss, fatigue?

i was also curious if anyone thinks this would just be a temporary fix and not really solve my problem. thanks
Is Medrol a brand name for prednisone? I.e. you want to ask your doctor for a 6 day course of prednisone? You wouldn't experience bone loss or muscle loss in that short period, and while some prednisone side effects can start immediately, most will not in that short a space of time. In 6 days, moon face would be very unlikely. Fatigue is possible, but more energy could also result from prednisone.
What dose would you take? Higher doses cause more side effects.

I don't know about herniated discs - is prednisone usually used as a treatment for them? For what reason do you think it may help?
Hey man, thanks for responding. The medrol dose pack is actually ''mehtyl prednisone''. it is pack dosing so you start at 6 pills first day, 5 second, and so on. it's a short taper dose. the pills are 4mg each.
Ive heard it could be used to treat herniated discs. pred, as you know has a strong anti inflammatory effect.
just as a guy who lifts weights, it's always been a drug i've been frightened of...but living with herniated discs has become frightening(er) lol.
Hi, I'm female btw. Assuming doses of methlyprednisolone are equivalent to prednisone or prednisolone doses, 4mg is almost nothing, even if you take 6 of them. Which means little chance of side effects, but little chance of benefits as well. But that is an assumption I'm making about dosage, I'm not familiar with the med. What do you expect to happen when you've finished the course? What would stop the problem reoccurring? You will need a doctor's prescription to get this medication, so I think you're going to have to put your questions to your doctor. Sorry I can't be more helpful.
I have taken both prednisone and a Medrol dose pack. The Medrol does wonders for my joint pain within a day, and because you're on it for such a short period of time you don't get problems like moon face. I was on prednisone for awhile before I experienced moon face and insomnia, among other things. From my experience the Medrol shouldn't give you any problems like that!

Edit: I just noticed your question about it being a temporary fix. Yes, the Medrol is temporary. It works great while you're on it and maybe a few days after, then wears off. My doctor gave me an extended prescription once where the pills were loose instead of in a pack so I got more of them; you could ask for that if you need longer relief.
I just finished a six day pack for back pain. Two days later -- GI bleed and diarrhea. Not sure if it was related or not. Strange huh!! (I have a follow up with doctor next week as the nurse called to say my stool samples and blood work were not normal and need to be discussed)