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Question about refried beans

So, as part of following a low fiber and residue diet, watching the insoluble fiber content of various foods is important. I know that the outer casing of things like beans, peas, and corn are insoluble fiber. Does anyone know if refried beans are high in insoluble fiber? Thanks!
I think a good portion of Lard is added to refried beans. Under cooked Beans have a substance in them (can't remember what) that is not good for us to eat. That would not be a problem for refried beans but just a general "Bean" warning.

Thanks, you guys :) I knew about the sometimes added fat of refried beans, so if I decide to give 'em a try, I'll get the fat free variety ;)
I definatly have less issues with refried beans over regular pinto beans, probably as it's been soaked/cooked in a pot and then mashed up and cooked yet again that the skins been weakened quite a lot....

Been awhile since I did some home made refriend beans, and now im drooling. darnit.
My Gastro Dr used to just shake his head at me. Any time I used to get the cramping, wtr D, I'd eat pinto beans. It calmed my gut every time. But, I live in the desert southwest and thrive on green chile, pinto beans, and flour tortillas. Yummy. Goes to show you that each gut is different. I can eat mexican food every meal and be happy.