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Question about use of Ensure

I've noticed a lot of people here use Ensure. So far I've gathered that it's used for energy, nutritional supplementation, and/or easy to digest.

Have I missed something? Am I the only CD victim unaware of the secret powers of Ensure?


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Hiya Cloudy:

I think you've covered a bunch of it. :)

There's also a fairly respectable research literature suggesting that up to 50% of people who go on an Ensure-only (or similar) diet for 6 weeks will actually go into remission for a time!

Really?! I'm going to research that. I'm not sure I could stand it at this time as I'm not in much distress but am going to file it away for future reference.
Ensure for me is usually a whole or partial meal supplement. That way I still get my nutrition but without the solids moving through my system. I drink the regular stuff, but there are different kinds too. Helps me a lot!


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I have at least one Ensure every day. I usually have one in the morning for breakfast and sometimes later in the day I'll have another one as a snack. I can't do the vanilla flavor, for some reason that goes right through me. But the chocolate flavor I tolerate fine, I'm not sure why I can't do the vanilla. And yes, there are different kinds - there's a high protien type, there's a "plus" type which I guess just has extra vitamins (??), and just the other day I saw there's an "immunity boost" type too. I just do the regular type since it's the cheapest. For awhile I tried the "plus" type but didn't notice a difference, so I went back to the regular version.
I am currently on an ensure only diet since early october( actually just started adding my one tablespoon of rice or white fish few days ago). If it makes you feel better and you have no appetite anyway its easy to stick to. Done it twice now and worked well both times..first time without steroids this time with.
I'm sitting here drinking an Ensure and I came across your post. I'm the biggest fan of an all-ensure diet. I'm in complete remission now after several months of ensure.. no symptoms at all. I drink 6 ensures a day, plus protein shakes, lift weights and get lots of cardio. I've just started HMB/glutamine supplementation too. As for real food, I go out for dinner once a week, and every day I have an extra large coffee and sometimes a non-Ensure meal. I stay away from things I've known to bother me including pork, animal fats (particularly sausages and bacon), popcorn etc. But other than that I don't think of it.

Many months ago I read some scientific articles stating that an Ensure diet (100% ensure and water mind you, no cheating) was almost as effective as prednisone at inducing remissions. So I have been drinking it ever since and I'd say it took about 6 weeks for the symptoms to disappear.

Today I have one bowel movement every morning, no discomfort or blood or anything, no stomach aches, my bloodwork is normal (C reacive proteinn and sedimentation rate etc), and I feel great. My doctor told me to start getting off Ensure but I don't see the point. I really like the taste and convenience and the knowledge that I'm getting a lot of nutrients that my old haphazard diet was missing. I suppose one could argue the $300 per month or whatever for ensure and protein shakes is expensive, but I''m not buying any groceries for myself so that offsets a good chunk of that cost.

I'd highly recommend it to anyone who is going through hell, but you have to stick to the all-ensure diet religiously for at least 6 weeks. If you cheat even once and the food you eat is something that triggers a flare or aggravates your symptoms, you'll give up on something that might have otherwise given you relief...