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Question: Arthritis

Just a quick question, is it possible for a 19 year old to actually have arthritis. Seems like the last few weeks Ive had some pain in my feet and also some back pain. I did start remicade 8 or 9 weeks ago now too but no problems the first few weeks at all. So what Im asking i guess is could it be arthritis, remicade side effects, crohns side effects, or just pain and something unrelated?
Yes it could be. I am 19 and I have joint pain, and although no one has ever said to me it is arthritis, it is. With Crohn's you are prone to inflammation pretty much anywhere in the body, so inflammation in the joints is arthritis.
Mention it to your GI even though every time I do they don't do anything.
Yup, could be arthritis. I've been in remission with Crohn's for 12 years and out of the blue 6 weeks ago started having joint pain that has since become debilitating at times. It's been now diagnosed as arthritis related to Crohn's. I'm not on any Crohn's meds and I haven't any gastric symptoms for years. I'm only 35 (but feel about 80 right now!) so it is possible. Apparently since it's an autoimmune disease, inflammation can flare up almost anywhere in the body. I agree to mention it to your GI, let them decide what's causing it. I'm being sent to a rheumatologist in addition to a GI.


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I'm undiagnosed, but I get bad joint pains when my gut symptoms are flaring up. They are typically in my larger joints like hips & knees, and I also get awful lower back pain. Not sure if it's technically arthritis or not, but it seems clear that it's related to my gut illness. I'm only 31 but like Tried said, I also sometimes feel like I'm 80.
I felt the same way. My gut has been great for years (12 years and 2 pregnancies) and I had no gastric upset until I took some meds for the arthritis recently. After stopping those meds, my stomach calmed down again, but the arthritis has really flared up. I didn't think it was Crohn's related until the doctor told me it was. There are apparently a couple of types of arthritis related to Crohn's, some are non damaging but some are damaging so it's important to have it looked at by a doctor to get help treating it. From what I understand the one in the joints is non damaging, but the one in the back is or can be. Luckily mine is the non damaging type and it is expected to go away on it's own.. eventually I hope!
You have two types of arthritic pain. One is wear and tear. The other is Immune related pain and swelling.

The link between crohns and joint pain for some of us is the common cause of behind each. An immune system that is responding abnormally for whatever unknown reason. That is why Immune suppression therapy has been so good for me. It has reduced my immune response systemically so not only has the inflammation in my guts decreased. So has the inflammation in my joints and the excessive reaction to allergens such as cat and dog hair.
Thats how I know when I am about to flare. My knees get so swollen and painful that I can't even stand up without help. But the Remicade and put me in remission and also nixed the joint pain.
Could be Either Arthritis, or general swelling as many have posted. Suggestions from my way are Omega 3 fish oils, Castor oils EWWWW :) and Glucosamine. At least they seem to help me unless I am in full flare mode. God bless. :)
Yup it could be arthritis...I was diagnosed with arthritis secondary to my crohn's a few years ago. Mine is in my lower back and hips with occasional other random joints involved. I was also on Remicade at the time of this diagnosis. Try getting a good diagnosis asap so that it doesn't become too debilitating. I found physio therapy really helps :). Good luck!
yep you can get arthritis. but you may want to mention it to your GI in case it is a remicade reaction. I had severe all over joint pain from remicade. now I have severe spondy something or another (spinal arthritis) related to crohn's. If they say its not remicade go to a rhumatologist. my Rhuemy is a god-send for the back pain.
Yes could well be arthritis.. I was recently dx with Spondyloarthritis by a Rheumy after having joint pain for the last year. I am only 29 years old but also feel like Im 80... the pain is unbearable at times and is really bad at night. The arthritis I was dx with is common in people with an IBD. I would highly recommend seeing a Rheumy esp if you are in remisson and still experiencing joint pain.
Wow thanks for the responses guys. Its hard for me because I always seem to just attribute everything wrong to Crohns and wasnt sure if this really was possible at my age. Ill have it checked out soon but I do find it odd as you guys have described that Im not flaring anymore but still hurt. Im getting soreness and an achy feeling through my lower back daily and it doesnt always follow exercise, lifting, sleep... I was flaring about 4 months ago severly but since then and remicade have been doing a ton better an gaining weight and solid stool so definately not flaring.

Anyway thank you for the responses and Ill have it checked soon.


Crazy- Not to add to the mix but I would definitely have it checked out. My daughter Claire was dx with arthritis at 3 and not with Crohn's until 6. There is definitely arthritis that is extra-intestinal manifestation of Crohn's but there is arthritis that isn't. We fall into the latter group and it sounds like if your Crohn's is in remission and you do have arthritis, you may fall into that group too. I would suggest finding a good Rheumatologist to help you sort it out.

We are really blessed to have a great Rheumatologist and he and the GI work closely to help Claire.

Take Care,

Julie (Claire's Mom)
Thanks claire's mom and yeah I'll be having it checked out soon Im hoping friday. Hard with work getting to the clinic and not a chance Im waiting through hospital emerg haha Free healthcare has its benefits and drawbacks and 4+ hour waits is definately one. GI is off till the 4th too so friday it is.

Quick update is that I am having a ton of pain today. Woke up almost in tears and its getting to be a very big pain just to walk. Not really sure what to do for relief at this point.


Well, I'm sure I'm not telling you a thing you don't already know but no NSAIDS. I would do Tylenol and heating pack/pad/bath/shower to see if you can get things moving. Is the pain worse in the morning? You'll want to pay attention to how long the pain and stiffness lasts - the doc will want to know. I'm so sorry you don't feel well. :(

Keep us posted.

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Arthritis in joints and lower back


Im 1 day new here! i was recently diagnosed with crohns, in early January, i was getting pains in my stomach on and off most of last year, then in November last year developed arthritis in ankles , hips, mild knees and lower back.. the hips and lower back are the worst.. just wondering if anyone has knowledge on this, does it go away? im 2 weeks today on Sulphursalazine, my GI thinks its crohns related and is treating the gut, he feels that when the gut subsides arthritis should ease up.. i was tested for HLA B27 gene and negative, ive read where pple with crohns get axial arthritis.. sacroillitis and spine..

any info is truly appreciated..

Pancho ,
Yup. I have Psoriatic Arthritis / Undifferentiated Spondyloarthropothy. As far as I know, all of the spondylarthropothies (Ankylosing Spondylitis, Reactive Arthritis, Psoriatic, etc) can be comorbid for various IBD conditions, as well as many other autoimmune inflammatory conditions. My arthritis symptoms began in high school. Where autoimmune arthritis conditions are concerned, there's no age limit. In fact, most people with a spondy condition have disease onset before 30.
Thanks . i dont know if its the medication, im on sulphalazine going into third week.. only yesterday did joint and back pains start to ease up, stomach is settling as well.. thanks for the info.
Just FYI, an HLA B27 negative result does not preclude you from having a spondy condition. As much as 30% of folks with AS are negative, and the other related conditions have even higher negative percentages. I'm HLA B27 negative myself. Sulfasalazine is also used to treat the spondyloarthropothies. My rheumatologist chose it for me in the hopes that it would knock out my gastro problems and arthritis. I've been on it 3 months (along with another DMARD for the last month and a few different NSAIDs have been tried, as big a no-no as they are) with no relief in sight yet for either condition. It can take as long as 6 months, or not at all for a high percentage of patients. That's great news that you're already getting results! Hopefully it continues to be effective for you. I would definitely get in to see a rheumatologist with lots of spondy experience though. Your gastrointerologist does not likely have much rheumatological expertise.
In the last 12 - 18 months I have been getting pain in my fingers, knees and elbows. I also get some lower back pain and pain in my hips. It can be worse at night when I am sleeping - the burning pain will wake me and I find myself crying from it. The last blood tests I had showed I still had high levels of inflammation even though my gut was ok at the time. My GI said it was most likely arthritis and recommended that I take aloe vera juice - she stated that it had been medically proved to help with inflammation. If things get worse she will refer me to a specialist. I ended up buying some aloe vera tablets and am also taking concentrated fish oil and this has helped somewhat. Cheers.
Even if things don't get "worse", I'm of the opinion that you should still be given a rheumy referral. Obviously it's already been quite bad if the pain makes you cry and it interrupts your sleep. I'm no doctor, but your symptoms sound like a classical case of some form of spondyloarthropothy to me, with its spine, possibly sacroiliac and peripheral involvement. Arthritis is outside your doctor's area of expertise. Much like with IBD, if you have an autoimmune inflammatory arthritis, an early, aggressive treatment is essential to decreasing damage in the long run. Also, if you go too long w/o proper anti-inflammatory treatment (which generally includes NSAIDs, DMARDs, and/or anti-TNFs, at least in the case of spondyloarthropothies - RA is similar), studies show that these treatments will then be significantly less effective. That's wonderful that homeopathic remedies are helping, but a rheumatologist should still at the very least assess you.
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Yep sure is.

I have had a condition they call Inflmatory Arthrtis ( reactive arthrtis is anotehr name) It is very similar to Rhematoid, except I am sero negative for the Rhematoid factor in my blood.

I've had in my hips, fingers 1999, lower back and pelvic more recently.

I have a condition in Pelvic called Enethisitis. Which means I have inflamation on the firbes on the end of a tendon that attaches itself to there very bony outer point on my left pelvic, and being in that area makes in near immpossible for my pain doc or Rheamtologist to do cortisone jabs in that area, as they cannot get into it. It is very painful to walk or stand for any length of time and having Crohns, I cannot take Anti inflamtory drugs.
and Anegalgseics only do so much for this condition.
Also in lower back is this athrtis, but pain doc does RFN, ( Radion frequency Nerve degenrations on the effected areas, which basically blocks the nerves of effect area sending pain single to brain. How I wish he could do one of those on pelvic, but can't as nerves there are functional nerves, anyway I suggest you look up more about this arthrtis and see a Rhematoid and get him to do some bloods and if required MRI.

I've not read too many cases of someone so young with it though, it onset in me was around aged 40. Normally it effects men in 30's to late 40's and women 40 to late 50's.

Another condition Humira is supposed to help, but after 5 months on it, no help at all!

Take care