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Question for IBD parents about Humira and Children.

I have recently been put on Humira, i'm 28 and have had a lot of procedures, injections etc over the last 21 years none of which have really borrowed me. But I had my first dose of Humira a few weeks ago. It has been of course amazing in reducing my inflammation markers which came down to normal within 4 days.

However, I was introduced to the Humira Pen first. And I found it the most painful injection I had ever had. I could not bare it. Now I was quite skinny which did not help but it really was excruciating and I believe this is mainly because the mechanism inside the Pen has to shoot the drug out at an alarming rate of speed-forcing your own tissue to expand quickly. The drug itself also has a sting due to the preservative which is also exagerated with the pen.

I was quite disgusted to think this might be used on children? And wanted to know your experiences of it?

I have since switched to the needle and syringe which works like a dream and has practically no pain.

I am giving feedback to my IBD nurse as she represents N.Ireland in Avbie Care, and I have a few problems with this Pen. -ex what if I was blind? The indicator that tells you it is empty is a colour change system...wouldn't a noise indicator be better?

What other ways could this be improved for kids in particular?
My son started humira this year. He just turned 18. He has complained about the pain of the shot. He was on Remicade previously and has been on mtx injection for 2 years, neither of those are painful at all.

I've asked him if he wants to move to syringe but so far he has resisted. He hates the pain of the shot but likes the ease of no preparation. Ha.
My son is 17 and has been on weekly Humira since April. He uses the pen. He is also on mtx injections. He says that the Humira injection is painful but the pain only lasts for a few seconds. He hates the mtx more - not because of the injection but because of the way it makes him feel for a couple of days after.
My son 14 has been on the Humira pen for about 3 months now and he gets 2 injections per month. Sometimes it hurts and itger times he says " Wow! That didn't hurt at all. You finally did it right mom" Honestly, i don't know what it is that makes the shot more comfortable for him. Everyone is different so it's good that there are so many options out there.
Indeed the pen is awful! My son was 10 when he started Humira and the nurses did the loading dose with the pen and it was traumatic. I use the syringe and go slower, ice up for 20 minutes while the Humira warms, which helps, but it does still burn. Almost added the lidocaine, but decided against a 2nd shot or hassling with mixing it together.
We opted for the syringe with Humira and glad we did. When my daughter switched to Simponi it was only pen form. Thanks K goodness simponi injection doesn't hurt like Humira.