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Question for mods and admins please

I was banned before for no apparant reason to me when I was talking about stem cell transplants and how i wanted to persue it. Neilfisk I see was another member about to under go stem cell transplant and was banned as well for no reason apparant to me that i can see? I am about to write a detailed blog during my transplant for others even though I will be immensely fatigued do to chemo. Before I do this I would like an answer to why the two of us were banned after talking about stem cell transplants and want to make sure I dont waste my time again. Not trying to be difficult just wondering why the two of us were banned and make sure I am at the right place to discuss this. Thanks. My handle was - Mr. Slick
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hi there.. i cannot say for sure what happened to your and the other member's accounts, but i am pretty sure it was nothing to do with the topic you were posting about.

our forum has been plagued with spam registrations for a long time, and in an effort to try and control this, occasionally some genuine accounts did get deleted, and for that i apologise.

we put some strategies into place recently to stop any spam registrations, and this did help somewhat, so hopefully mistaken account deletions should not happen again.

thank you for reregistering - and welcome back !