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Question for the ladies re: colonoscopy

This might seem like a really stupid question, but I need to ask it. I think flo is on her way, and I have a colonoscopy on Tuesday:yrolleyes: should I cancel? Call and see what they say? Wait to make sure? Due to babies I have only had 3 in the last year....and I really didn't miss it!!!!!
I have heard of women having them done during menses. Your doctor has seen it all so I wouldnt worry about it, but you could call to let them know. I think it depends on your comfort level. I dont think its a stupid question at all.
hope it goes well for you fellow Canadian.
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I don't think it's a problem either. Last March I had to have a scope and I was worried about the same thing: Either I was about to start or I already had, I can't remember other than remembering it was a concern. So I googled it and found several forum threads abt how it wasn't a problem. I remember this one person saying that she was ragging when she had her scope done, had put a tampon in and when she came to the tampon was gone! So I don't think being on your period creates problems for the procedure but like Wendy said it probably comes down to your personal comfort level.
I had mine done during AF, I used a tampon. They didnt say nothing about the string. I figure they are sticking a camera up my butt, what is left to be embarrassed about?


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I've had scopes done while I'm on my period, then again, I use tampons and you can hide the string by tucking it in a little further but where you can reach. If you use pads though, maybe you could mention it to the nurse and ask what she thinks or use a tampon for the procedure if you can.
Funny timing on this question. I just scheduled a colonoscopy today and was wondering the same thing. Then I saw it clearly on the FAQ section of my instruction sheet. They said it is fine, but they suggest you wear a tampon (duh).
i once had a colonoscopy appt scheduled and got my period near the appt date so i called and asked about it and she told me not to worry, it's okay to still do the colonoscopy just wear a tampon... so i did that, and even though i felt a little uncomfortable having to do that, i went through with it because i needed to get the colonoscopy done and it was fine.
Yup...pretty sure both colonoscopies I had happened during my cycle. I just wore a tampon and it was no biggie. :) I should probably do a better job of scheduling, haha.