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Question for the males: How much do you weigh?


Hey guys, short and sweet. I was just wondering if the guys wouldn't mind listing their age, weight, and height so I can compare with myself
I am 44, 5'8", 170 pounds. It should be noted that I am pretty much in remission. When my disease was active, I averaged 145-150.
34, 6'2", currently 225lb and would like to loose a little...

I was 260 oh 2 years ago was exercising and got that down to 245 that summer then Crohn's um "happened" that winter and I hit 180 after 2 flares two month apart (-30lb, +10lb, -35lb) Slowly have gained weight back up. Been running and going to start back up into an weights class again!

It's pretty crazy to loose 2lb a day!! So fun to have people tell you your looking good when your digesting yourself! Hopefully this year I can get that response, but for good reasons;)


Thanks guys. I ask because I'm 23, 6ft and hovering around 150 and can't gain weight for the life of me, and I feel ridiculously skinny.
I'm 23, 5'8", and 135ish pounds. I am also ridiculously skinny compared to others but I'm gradually gaining weight and its better than I was a few years ago at 110 pounds.
I'm 29 5'10 125-130 lbs...yeah im still flaring. Its frightening to see yourself go from a healthy 160 to bones in so little time. The worst thing is the hardwood chairs at restaurants when you have little fat to pad you.

I hear you all about not being able to gain. Everyone says eat more. I tested this theory with shakes of about 3500 calories. Actually lost weight more weight than I usually do strangely. Maybe from the metabolism increase. People tell me, eat more fat!!! Fat goes right through me. I've become jealous of overweight people .. and I tell you what, they are not jealous of me.
Hi K man, I'm 5'10" age 62 and i'm at 160lbs right now. i was at 123 1 year ago when i first found out i had crohns, was in remission until 2 months ago but have been able to stay at around 160lbs.


Thanks for the responses guys. It seems like everybody I talk to is always saying things like "you'll only gain as much as you want too" and "eat more and you'll gain" but it never works like that for us with crohns. I used to drink crazy milkshakes that had like 3000 calories just in one and nothing really changed.


In my experience eating more doesn't really make a huge difference. I am 6' 4 and weigh c 145 lbs, nothing has made a huge difference. Am healthy though and go to the gym.

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I have also found it difficult to put on weight, I began doing a serious bulk at the start of january and have put on 12lbs since. The only tip I have is to eat literally everything in sight, until you feel physically sick and then eat some more. I am tracking my calories and am eating around 4000 a day to put on ~1lb per week
4000 calories a day!! That's a lot of Easter Eggs ...
Even before crohn's i was always skinny and never put on weight, i think i am an extreme ectomorph. There is no secret to weight gain. If you aren't gaining weight just eat more and more until you finally start putting on the pounds :ylol:
If you're in a flare there is no eating more until you start putting on the pounds unless you are getting close to remission. I've bulked before, I bulked when I was in remission from 160 to 200. I tried the same diet and more @ 125-130 lbs and don't gain anything but pain.
I am 5"11", 41 years old and weigh about 180lbs. My weight has remained pretty constant for the last 7-8 years, I lost about 10lbs the week following my resection last year, but quickly put it on again. My ideal weight would probably be about 170lbs if I did a bit more exercise.


I am 28, 5 foot 10, I weigh 155lbs. ... When I did flare-up I would drop to 125lbs :[ and after during recovery because of the prednisone I would fatten up to 170lbs. -_-