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Question for those who have used Modulen IBD

Hi all, so I've decided to try going on some Modulen IBD after a little hick up, anyway, I have no idea how it tastes yet, but just wondering, has anyone here used Nesquik to add some flavour? I have seen that there is flavour mix that people sometimes buy but alas I can't buy it where I am so I bought some nesquik instead, I don't want to reduce the effectiveness if the modulen at inducing remission by adding ingredients to it. So if anyone has any experience on the matter I would appreciate it :)
Yes I did! My consultant recommended it in fact so I can't see that it has any negative effect on the working of the modulen! Definitely makes it more bearable too!
If you can't get the normal flavors with it...you can also try orange juice. I use it for my 028. I also throw in sports drinks sometimes...unknown brand in the US but it would be something like gatorade.

What I found doesn't work well are carbonated soda drinks, not only does it end up in a super sticky mess because of the amount of sugar they put in them, but the carbon dioxide reacts too, which probably is doing more harm than good to whatever it's reacting with.

If you want to go exclusively EN for a while, I think the most important thing is DO NOT CHEAT with solid food..once you cheat, you want to cheat the next day too and the next day, since you've now tasted the forbidden fruit so to say. It's far easier to stay on it if you don't cheat, since your taste for solid food just goes away after a while.

As far as mixing the actual powder, use a proper bottle, this stuff is full of sugar (as it should be, the majority of your calories should be coming from carbs), it can easily become messy.

I use one of these bottles. They're great, since they close properly.

I'm doing okay thank you! A week full of hospital this week so hopefully by next week I'll be miles better again!

And yes just the plain old nesquik powder, just as if it was a normal milkshake! :)
my son diagnosed with crohn's on sept 2014 he is taking pentasa and ento cort 9 mg till now and we introduce imuran 50 mg since 35 days now and his test of calprotectin is over 1000 so the doctor decided to start with him eternal diet and we started modulen IBD formula since 4 days and stop all the foods. today my son inform me that he had soft faeces fro the first time . anyone have any idea am afraid that he will have diarrhoea again


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Wow, sounds like your son has been going through it a bit. Hopefully he will do much better on the liquid foods. Maybe he will have a much faster response to dealing with his Crohn's disease whilst on the liquid food. Four days is a good time in which to turn things around with. Hopefully he will also start to feel better in himself and find more energy. He should also start to feed his body with all the nutrients he needs within the Modulen. So all is sounding very good really.

Do keep us informed, Lubna experts.
thank you for your reply , he is fine now but feeling bored from the flavour taste of nesquik any idea of other flavours or what are the specifications should I search in the flavours powder allowed to be used with modulen


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I used blackcurrant juice, however, I found I had a problem with fructose. I just stuck to nesquick milk shake powder and sometimes Crusha liquid milk shake flavour. I think modulen I also flavoured and popped into the freezer in lolly moulds. I can't remember if it was that one, but some can be put into the freezer.

Can he have boiled sweets at all to put a flavour in his mouth and keep his taste buds happy? clear mints aren't too bad. You have to check him for reactions.

good luck though