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Question on scope feelings

Has anyone felt fear of getting a colonoscopy?

I have come to realize that next wed. (march 9th) will be a complete year since my last scope. Which is absurd for me considering I usually have them every 4 or 5 months.
I know I need one, probably should of had one month's ago, but the last scope I had was just ugh not good dr. wise total douche. seriously.

-A little back story, was in hospital oct '14 for a month. I had just got a new gi and he suggested based on my issues at the time to go to the er and tell them he sent me in. while there i saw him maybe once for 3 mins. other wise i saw the gastro docs. in the hosp. I loved them! they did a double scope (super fun)
they found ulcers in my stomach and a good amount of mod. crohn's near and on my surgery site and in my descending and sigmoid area. got put back on remi. the dr. and i had a chat as he saw me how distressed i was with the inflammation and we both agreed that we'd try the remi and if it didn't work he would take the bad part out and do a temp. ileostomy for bowel rest which i'm totally for. fast forward to jan. '15 i thought i was in a flare, went to the er and spent a week in there because of cdiff that i got from antibiotics i had in oct. go figure. that was fun. after i got out i went to get remi at my rheumys office which is where i get it and he suggested that while he liked the dr at usf he would seriously recommend going to gainesville to see a ibd specialist, got an appt for the following monday. that went well really liked the guy. cool, fast forward to march, went into usf for a scope because i still wasn't doing good, he did the scope and i woke up in an insane amount of pain, and the dr. wouldn't let the nurse give me anything even though i was crying, he said and i quote "your not to give her anything it's just pain from the gas we put in" she looked stunned. he was extremely rude; not to just me and the nurse but to my mom and dad. he told me after i calmed down, your fine, i saw no inflammation in your colon, it's prob. just residual pain from cdiff. i was about to smack the dude. so pissed. anyway before they knocked me out he promised he would take biopsies while in the incase there wasnt surface inflammation. he didnt. no surprise. oh and he also told me that it's all in my head and that i have a low pain threshold. yeahhhh, right, okay. also one more note my gastric emptying test said delayed emptying and mild gastroparesis, says it on the paper, he told to all of our faces straight that it was completely normal (it's not, but okay). bad day!

Needless to say, i've dropped him and i'm under the care of the ibd specialist in gainesville. He just left such a bad impression and kinda freaked me out and pissed me off that since nov last year, i've been avoiding the er due to pain killers, and i'm scared to go for fear of nothing showing up on a ct, or a scope and get told its all in my head again.
just curious if anyone else has had this fear or not. Thanks in advance! :)
thanks! and yeah! one would think. lol
I think everyone goes through that one dr. they dont like. He's deff. that one.
I'm very happy with the gi i have now he's quite awesome. I still have that fear of tests and having them say nothing and drs. thinking its in my head though. i'll get over it one day! lol
Bad docs are the worst I've had a couple in my day.Been told many times that it's all it my head both times it wasn't 1st it was toxic megacolon and Then it was a burst J-Pouch.I'm not scared of scopes I'm just sick of them cause I've had so many but I still get them just to be safe.
Sorry about all this.. My first GI i saw did something similar to me. I had a CT that showed crohns and he did a colonoscopy and just said I had IBS. So it took me another 2 years to get a diagnosis.. The GI i have now is pretty great.. He's really busy which makes it hard to get a hold of his staff. But that's my only complaint. And if he wasn't a good dr he wouldn't be busy I guess right? :) You know your body better than anyone else, if you feel something is wrong, then it is.
JamieM yes, thats the only complaint i have with the gi i have now, is that he's so darn busy and getting in touch with him or his staff is a pain but he's worth it for sure.
Im so sorry about this , why be a doctor if your going to act this way
Exactly my thought!

On a good note, I'm happy to report my gi got a new nurse and she not only got me in at the end of this month (which he's booked solid) but called me back and handed the phone right to my dr., I'm really happy about that lol :thumright:
He's very eager to see me and to talk about my list of things that have been going on. And was pleasantly surprised when I told him his nurse got me in for the 28th. Wooooo!!! Haven't been this excited to see a gi since last Jan. When I landed in the Er from CDIFF. :dusty: yippee!!