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Questions about Crohn's Disease



How do you get crohns? are we close to a cue? can it effect other parts of you body? can you still have kids if you have it, or you spouse has it? general stuff i don't know yet. Please inform me.


Hi Singlemom!
Unfortunately, we all wish we knew how one gets Crohn's! Some think it's genetic, some thing it's a result of a person's environment and we recently found a website that suggests Crohn's is caused by contaminated milk! www.crohns.org

The good news is that people with Crohn's can have children! :)


I forgot to mention....

Singlemom you should speak to your boyfriend and ask him questions too. He likely knows quite a bit about Crohn's. If he does not, feel free to direct questions that he may have to us, or better yet, get him to sign up and join the board too ;):)
Try ccfa.org I do not know if it is the same as the website above, I am kinda lazy right now, have yor boyfriend sign up even if he does not ever go on here a Cd foundation getslike twn cents or something like that.

Good luck



I wish we did know what causes it. But I don't think they're any closer to finding that answer than they are to finding a cure.

It can affect other parts of the body. It can break out inside the mouth (this is not fun at all! It's happened to me twice so far), it can affect the skin, eyesight, joints, spine........that's all I can recall right now. I've not had it affect my skin yet, but my eyesight, joints, and spine are all now affected. But please keep in mind that I have the worst form of the disease. I don't want to scare you and have you thinking your bf will get all these other problems. I truly hope he doesn't. Most people never do.

And yep, Crohnnies can have kids! I have 2 of the most wonderful kids on the planet to prove it..lol. So no worries there. :D