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Questions about upcoming travel and school choices

hi I'm Eddie, I'm 18, a senior in high school, and I was recently diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. the pain has been debilitating for the past few weeks, ever since I was discharged from the hospital. I just have some questions that hopefully people can provide answers with from life experience rather than just doctors telling me what "should be best".

I am a tennis player, and have been captain of varsity tennis for the past few years. being my senior year I was hoping to help lead the team and actually play, but I find practices tire me extremely quickly and I have been in more intestinal pain since I started the exercising. does any one have any advice on what I should do here?

my senior trip is coming up, a three day trip, and at this point I can't imagine being away from home even for one night, but the nonrefundable $500 deposit and the fact that it is my senior trip is compelling me to go. it would entail a four hour bus ride. is it worth it/ what should I bring and do to help me if I go?

college is coming up quickly for me. I was going to go to the air force academy and was accepted there, but can't go because of my colitis. I'm starting Remicadee within the next few weeks but after the deadline to commit to any schools, so I don't know if I will be ready to go off to college, but I don't want to stay home. I am also looking at large engineering schools, highly academically centered, should I consider lower stress schools in making my decision?

any advice is greatly appreciated, and I will probably have more questions to come. colitis has successfully changed my life completely and my lifestyles, so really I am trying to figure out how to live again so life experience from people have gone through similar situations is what I really need,(besides getting into remission).


Hi, Eddie!

In regards to the exercise, I have the same problem. It doesn't always happen, but it does often enough to make me wary of exercise. The only thing I can think of is to avoid pushing yourself too hard. Try exercising on your own (not at practices, where you might feel pressure to push yourself) and only a little bit. See how much you can handle without pain, then see if you can improve on that. Hopefully this won't be an issue anymore when you achieve remission.

For the senior trip, it's tricky. Do you think it's worth it? How often do you usually have a bowel movement? Is it possible that you could get through the bus ride and the rest of the trip with no problems?

Could you apply to schools for now, then if you aren't feeling well enough to go when the time comes, put doing so off for a semester or a year? That shouldn't be a problem, especially considering your health. Once you're accepted, you can talk to someone at the school (probably in disability services) about making such accommodations if necessary. A less stressful curriculum would be good, yes, but I wouldn't base my decision entirely off of that at this point. You may go into a stable remission soon and have no need to worry about your IBD. If you do find yourself in a stressful situation with school that does affect your UC, you can again talk to the school's disability services to see if anything can be done to help you (for example, my school can extend test taking times, waive class attendance policies, alter due dates, etc.).

:hug: I hope you feel better soon, Eddie!