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Questions on affect on relationships

Has any gay man broken up with a partner over being dx with Crohn's? How do people deal with extensive scarring caused by surgery in the vanity obsessed gay world? Finally, does anyone else not feel like a 'complete' gay man due to the removal of their rectum?

Many thanks


I had one guy break up with me over crohns but he didn't say it. I knew though. Others were accepting and the scars never seemed to be an issue even though I was horrified they would be due to the heavy emphasis on body image.
Even not being gay i get it. It is one of the reasons i gave my marriage a harder try. I enjoy a good sex life with him and i don't have to worry about those scars and active fistulas.

I cant imagine having to start a relationship with this issue. I hope that doesn't make you feel worse, i'm trying to be sympathetic.