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So I have been on entocort for about 3 months now and it's been pretty good my question is I have some symptoms I can't shake
1. Constant uneasy stomach
2. Constant grumbling of guts
3. Discomfort no pain really
4. And my backside is good for a few days then right back to inflamed and bleeding fistula but in a few days it will be just fine?
Does this sound typical crohns or more so my meds not really working I just stepped down to 2 pills instead of 3 this month could this be the problem?


Hi, Jison!

I'm not really sure how to answer your question. This doesn't sound abnormal for Crohn's, but I don't know what is normal for you. Have you contacted your doctor? When in doubt, always do so.

It's not unusual for symptoms to start to return as steroids are reduced. If you usually have pain but are now only experiencing discomfort, it could be that the Entocort is still reducing the pain.

Are you taking anything other then Entocort?