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Quick Question re JPouch

I'm reading up on J-Pouches and it stated this point below.

* Six months after having surgery, most people can expect about five to six semi-formed bowel movements during the day and one at night. The pouch takes up to one year to fully adapt. In most patients, functioning of the pouch continues to improve over time.

For those that have had J-Pouches did you get night loo visits and did they settle over time?

I don't have a j-pouch, but I know someone who does..He said he would have accidents in the first few months. He had to go a lot in the middle of the night, but over time he didn't have to as much. He's had one for about three years now and goes to the bathroom about seven times a day.
I have a pouch and would agree the the 5-6 days visits and 1 at night. I tend to still get up once at night to pee so I barely notice if I have to empty the pouch too
jstover--I am about a month away from having reanastomosis with a J-pouch. I had the barium enema to check for leaks and everything is good there. What I found interesting is that I knew I was full since they had just pumped me full of liquid, yet had no physical indication that I needed to evacuate, so what sort of physical sensation do you get that alerts you that it is time to go to the bathroom?

Currently I do get sphincter spasms from time to time--is it like that?