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Quick question

So I was diagnosed with Crohn's 13yrs ago by colonoscopy and biopsy. I never hardly ever have direhha but I do get fistulas and abseses on my back side but generally all my cramps come from the right side and upper abdoman and sometimes even left but for the most part it's generally upper abdoman cramps. If my Crohn's was diagnosed in the colon then why is most of my pain in the upper abdomen??


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Your large intestines is considered your colon. On the right side is your ascending colon (this is where I have disease too) Take a look at this picture and see if it answers your questions at all
So my pain is all throught my colon!! Lol awesome I'm switching dr's going from a colorectal specialist were I've been for 13yrs to a gastro dr so I can get a more overall gi check up never been to one? Anyways I got to get my medical records sent to my new dr and I was just thinking I have no clue were my Crohn's is located never asked I know it's somewhere in my colon but were I have no clue hopefully after reviewing my medical records my new dr well be able to tell me a lil more about what I got and were at thanks so much!!!
Very interesting my problem is in my lower colon in the sigmoid/ rectum, although my pain is always in my lower right mostly at the back.
I get the pain there to but also upper and lower left maybe it's reared pain oh I also have a duodenal ulcer that may be a lot of my upper deal


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My ascending colon perforated in 2008, and I sometimes get pain in the exact spot. I know that I pretty much have disease through out my colon but its mostly in my TI and ascending colon
This disease is driving me crazy!!! Lol it seems like have so many lil pains all over my body that I'm falling apart and couldn't possibly take off work long enough to get them all checked out I'm gonna make a list for u guys and tell me what u think from head to toe here it goes.
All day Fatigue with spacey thoughts
I guess anxiety or depression cause of constantly trying to figure out whats going on with me
Horrible sinuses for months now
Eyes feel tired/heavy all day
Abdomen pains all over
Upper back pain/ tingling and numb in upper left shoulder blade really weird feeling
Constant flu like symptoms/ body aches all over and weak
Pains in pelvic area
My butt hurts (fistulas, and such)
Right knee aches
frequent urination
Just started having lower back pains
Indigestion bad!!
Duodenal ulcer
I'm falling apart and I'm only 28!!! What can I posdibly do I'm only on entocort right now getting ready to taper down next month maybe it hasn't put me into remission at all? Help am I going crazy can a lot of this be mental??