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Quicky Hollister vs Coloplast 2 Piece Comparison

Back in May, I had ordered samples from the big 3 and tried them all. But it was early on and I barely had an idea what I was doing.

So now I'm 4 months in and thought I would try my remaining samples. I had two of each to start, so now I have one Coloplast and one Convatec.

After my blowout last Friday, I was feeling saucy and figured I would re-try the Coloplast SunSura Click. My main complaint last time was the filter. I would wake up to a hard blimp every morning.

My first reaction was liking the flange. It is made of a plastic type material, in comparison to the fabric material of the Hollister New Image. It goes on a bit quicker because it kind of sticks in one large round piece, instead of the fabric. I continued to use the Hollister Adapt barrier ring. I wasn't feeling THAT saucy to go with it.

The bag has a high quality feel, if that makes any sense when talking about a poop bag. I think the plastic of the bag is thicker, which may be stronger, but definitely feels harder when the bag is filling with gas.

Now that I am healed, I had no problem snapping the bag on the flange. I did not enjoy it back in May. It requires some pressing force to attach to the flange ring and is sensitive with a healing tummy. The New Image has the floating flange which requires no pressing force on the tummy.

One nice feature is the flange lock. It would seem that the bag could not slip off. And when unlocked, the bag can rotate without being removed. But, it was a bit too secure for my taste, it seemed like too much bother to undo to burp the bag. With Hollister, it's a snap - which might be a negative for some folks. That sucker can come off on a bad day.

In the morning, I noticed the same hard blimpy bag. Usually my New Image bag filter works well, but it has not lately. Maybe it is a bad lot of bags - I'm not sure. But the plastic on the New Image does not feel as hard when full.

I thought this would be quick, but I'm on a roll here.

The drain opening of the SenSura is nice. At first I was thinking it's the best of the brands. It is very wide and made of a thick tan plastic. It seems so good but sometimes I was making a mess - with the output running around the opening. Not a big deal, but maybe not as easy to control as the New Image Lock N Roll. The New Image opening is probably half the size, and after going back to it today, I like the control.

The velcro closure on the SunSura is very nice and feels very secure. I rinse with water so making a mess on the velcro was never a problem. It is true velcro fabric on the Sunsura. I could see how without access to water, it would be hard to clean if dirty. The New Image Lock N Roll is made of a plastic type velcro, which cleans up easy, but can be harder to close.

Verdict for me... is back to the Hollister. Some of it is just going back to what I'm used to. And I hope my filters start working again on the next box!

I have one sample Convatec pouch to try - Maybe I'll be feeling just crazy enough to try it next weekend. :cool:
joe- thanks for the review - very helpful. I have not used my Coloplast samples but used few times the Convatec and I like it very much other than the filter which is very bad and sometimes leaks. I am still trying to figure out the Hollister New Image as I have tons of supplies.
I tried my last sample of the Convatec Natura two piece last weekend and it did not work out for me. Since the flange has the thick moldable material, I did not use my trusty Adapt barrier. The first thing I noticed was a very slight stinging sensation - But no big deal.
The wafer is made of a paper like material that I did not prefer. It seemed to get stiff and not as flexible as the Hollister cloth type wafer.

During the day, I started having an itch under the wafer. It seemed more like an irritation itch then a regular itch if that makes any sense.

The itch went away after my training run that day, so I wore it to bed. The next morning I had the itch again so I could not wait to get it off. I went back to Hollister and it felt so good.

The filter on the Convatec looks like some type of charcoal material direct from front to back. The Hollister's filter is more complex with separate chambers for intake and outtake. I have never had my Hollister filter leak. The Convatec did not leak on me either for the day I had it on. I do like that the Hollister does not need a cover sticker to prevent the filter from getting wet. I would never remember the sticker.

So that's my testing story - It's Hollister for me. Many people love the Convatec so it just shows that everyone needs to test the brands to find what works for them.