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'Quiescent pancolitis.' Bemused.....

I went for my flu jab today and to ask at the surgery if they'd heard anything about a follow up appointment after my recent resection. Anyhow, the nurse said there were a few letters on the system and we had a look at them.
The one outlining my hospital stay started with my colonoscopy and MRI results which led to the surgery, and it's the colonoscopy that's floored me a bit.
The letter said 'evidence of quiescent pancolitis.' I'm a bit gobsmacked really. Is that not inactive UC? My diagnosis is Crohn's of the TI with a bladder/bowel fistula and there has never been any mention of UC - I've had four colonoscopies.
The surgery are chasing my follow up so I can ask when I eventually see the GI. Just wondered if anyone here could shed some light.
Pancolitis can be Crohn's throughout the colon, not just UC. I wonder (and hope for you) if this is a documentation error, seeing as this is the first you are hearing of it. If it truly is quiescent pancolitis, have you ever had colon issues or just the TI bladder/bowel fistula problem?
They have always said that my colon was clear so I guess it could be an error. The rest of the letter was accurate and mentioned skipped lesions they found, but that was in the TI area and I believe that's more indicative of Crohn's.