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Ranking of emulsifiers/thickeners and other problematic additives?

Are there some that are worse than others? I assume maltodextrin and carrageenan are some of the worst. Are the gums and sunflower lecithin as bad?

Our son's doctor is letting us try any research-based non-medication intervention we want before trying a new med since inflammation has gone down to borderline and he has been off steroids for quite a while. Calprotectin was never higher than 150ish. No official Crohn's diagnosis, but there was mild inflammation at terminal ileum and illeal cecal valve-common Crohn's locations. Biopsies suggested not Crohn's "at this time," but another doctor thought he would definitely develop it. CE found small ulcers and erosions in distal ileum-not enough to be Crohn's and steroids got rid of most concerning symptom. Other symptoms persist.

We are doing turmeric supplements, already on anti-inflammation/ Mediterranean diet, will try Visbiome and trying to avoid processed foods even more. Dr's handout mentions emulsifiers and thickeners, but doesn't say which are the most toxic. Have any researchers determined which may be the worst?

(Also, we are aware of the other diets researched, but feel most comfortable with anti-inflammation Mediterranean with mostly whole foods since he enjoys it (and so do we) and it seems to agree with him.)
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