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Rash-like red bumps on shins


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I've had these off and on -- currently noticing them now. It doesn't hurt or anything, but from what I understand this happens to Crohn's patients. I forget the latin name for them.

What sort of treatment am I looking at? As I said, they don't hurt, so it's strictly a cosmetic thing. Being winter, I'm not running around in short pants anyway.


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do you have a animal? as i get red rashes and lumps but these are casued by flea bites, not crohns. fleas can only jump 30cm which is why its always the shins that get attacked.
sharon xx


Most likely erythema nodosum. It is also something that happens in Tuberculosis. I wonder if it happens in CD because of paratuberculosis?


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sh!+_stains said:
Most likely erythema nodosum. It is also something that happens in Tuberculosis. I wonder if it happens in CD because of paratuberculosis?
Yeah, that's what I'm thinking it might be (worst case scenario).

I've had rashes before on my shin (from boot socks), but those were itchy. This isn't.
I get red rashes on my lower back sometimes. Don't know what they
are either. They eventually go away on their own after some unpleasant peeling.
hey GJG
i have this rash as well. it started out on my shins and ankles about a month ago and sounds exactly like what your talking about. i didnt do anything at first, but it started spreading and feeling like a sunburn. i went to a dermatologist and she called it Vasculitis (sp?)-inflammation of the tiny blood vessels under your skin. def a crohns thing. ive been using a topical steroid cream that helps a lot. but still some days i randomly break out. right now my feet are covered in bumps and feel all prickly.
hope it stays localized and pain free for you, but if it gets worse, def look into getting some cream!
best to you :)
lol johnny, scratch what i said about the rash!
i saw a GI today and he said that it wasnt the vasculitis that the derm told me it was! ahh

mike is right...."different diagnosis from every doc you see"
oop lol i realize that i never explained. sorry!
he didnt know either! arg
he said that the dermatoligist i saw probably wasnt familiar enough with crohns and that i should see a specializing derm, he had the name of someone. it seemed like the rash, for me at least, is, crohns related but isnt the normal type at all.
yay for weird things :confused2:


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I had a rash that started on my back, spread to my legs (ankles, calves, thighs) it was from the AZA... but it was also accompanied by excruciating pains.. crippling.

Stopped the AZA.. the pain went away within 24-48 hrs, but the rash took months to fade away. It didn't itch, it didn't hurt, it didn't spread any further, but boy oh boy was it ever noticeable. Couldn't wear shorts the whole summer