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Yesterday after visiting the inlaws house I discovered I had a rash on my neck. It wasn't itchy or anything. I was concerned when I was rubbing my neck and felt a ton of tiny little bumps. I looked in the mirror and there are tiny red bumps all over my neck. Like my entire neck except the back is covered in these tiny red bumps. I can feel the bumps on my chest but I can't see them considering I am all tattooed in that area.
I first thought it was an allergic reaction. I don't have any benadryl in the house and honestly, I am feeling way too lazy to go get some.
It's still there today, no changes. I'm wondering if maybe it's exzema. Never had it before though, so I really wouldn't know.

I'm not that concerned about it anymore considering I'm not having any other reactions. It's not itchy...it's pretty much just there, being all rashy.
I'm on Levsin and Elavil but my rash just popped up suddenly. I've been taking MucinexDM for the past week because my chest has been congested and I have a cough. Other than that I can't pin it to anything.
It started spreading to my stomach last night. Not sure what's going on. I'm going to take some benedryl tonight before bed and use some hydrocortisone and see how it is in the morning.
I can't remember - did you get tested for celiac's? That sounds like a difficult kind of rash to get rid of - did you have it before when you ate gluten?
I've gotten rashes before but I never went to the doctor for them. I did once when I was pregnant. I had a rash that was all over my hands, arms, legs, and face. They just blamed it on hormones.
I haven't been tested for Celiac while eating gluten. That's why I started again so the tests can be accurate.
It sucks having all these genetic diseases in my family!

I took some Benedryl last night and I've been using Hydrocortisone and the rash is still there. I can't touch it because it's extremely itchy and scratching makes it worse.
I just found a red pimply rash on my armpits and it turned out to be another staph infection. Go see a doc to give you a peace of mind. It might be something easily treatable.
I agree with Mini - I'd get it checked. Did you ever do allergy testing for food? Blasted rashes...I hate em. AND I hate itching...all the friggin' time!! I scratch in my sleep!
I've had rashes in my armpits before that I tried everything for. I didn't have insurance so I was pretty screwed and not able to see a doctor. There were areas that were hard and swollen and after a month or so it finally went away.

I've thought that I should ask my primary doctor to send me to an allergist. Maybe its about time I do.
I had (have) areas that are hard and swollen too. Doc said it was the infection in
the hair folicles. I am also using over the counter antibacterial wash on it which
seems to work if you cannot afford the prescription stuff.