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Rate your Doctors/Gastroenterologists!


Give the medical team that looks after you a rating from 1-10 (1 being worst, 10 being the best). You can base the rating on whatever you want (support, caring, how well they help you, how well they work with your needs, do they answer your questions/listen to you, etc.) just make sure you explain why they get the rating they got.

I will give my team a 7.5. Overall they do a good job, but there have been times when I do not think they were really listening to me or where not telling me the whole truth. In fact I was only made aware of something I had after I went and came back on a vacation. If I had known the truth I likely would have been a bit more careful with what I was eating, and likely could have avoided some pain.

So rate your team now!


ild give mine a 8 cause so far they havent put me worn and managed to help meavoid surgery


Well, I just switched teams, so I'll give ratings for both:

My team since 2000: I give them a 2. They had no time for me. It often took >6 months to get an appointment with my GI. I think the nurse treated me more often than my MD did. When I was having really high RBC and WBC my GP tried to get my GI to see me and run tests, but he told her my numbers were normal--my surgeon didn't agree once he cut me open. :thumbdown:

My team since Mar 2006: I give them a 10. I have a new GI at the Center for IBD at the U of Chicago. After only 3 months I'm feeling better than ever. She's over 2 hours away, but I've had more contact with her via visits, phone, and email in 3 months than I did in 4 years with my other GI.


I only have two docs. One gastro, one regular family practioner. I adore them both. They both get a 10!


My specialist/ surgeon is a babe mmmmmmmmm, he a excellant surgeon too hehe, my Doc is very thorough hes great and my gastro is nice bit weird lol
I give my doctor a 7 because I have not needed surgery yet but he did make me depressed when I could not gain weight and he told me that I would have to gain weight or go to the hospital again. He freaked me out. Which made me lose more weight but once I explained to him the situation he stopped being so hard on me and if I did not meet my weight goal he set for me and only gained a pound he would congradulate me. So I guess before three months ago I despised this guy but now he is good.



My doc is great and normally I'd give him probably a 8 or 9 at least but lately I've been slightly irritated with him so I give him a 6.5 :lol:


I would give my surgeon a 9 outa 10 cause hes been very careful regards all my fistula surgeries and wont rush into anything giving me a chance to heal before we reach the nitemare place where i have to have surgery where i could be left incontinent.All over.

My physician consulatant ref drugs is super too and i can try any drugs with him .Hes said i can ask for whatever thru my research and he can try it if he agrees.He knows IBD is a unknown ground and you have to try mnay thiongs before you get the result you wsh.My remicade nurse is fine but they seem to slip and lwet me go missing weeks when i shoulda had my next infusion.Due to the finances aspect mabye .I dont know im far from happy with that so they get a 5 outa 10 for remicade infusions staff although their nice and get my lunch and tea when im there.

My GP .Which one?I see so many different ones but their pretty good.When i 1st had problems with this dosease no Dr could diagnos me and it resulted in me wasting away and getting a stoma in which my family is NOT at all happy with my GP mainly my brother who calls the GP a blank.

So overall gesssh umm a 7 average?


I would give my GP an 8 out of 10, she is always willing to send me to a specialist instead of just admitting she doesnt know. she has turned mainly into the person who keeps all the reports from the many specialists in order, and keeps an eye on my bloodwork so I dont slip through the cracks, so Im pretty happy with her. Just wish I wasnt rushed in and out of the office in 10 minutes flat! lol, I always get stressed, and forget to ask important Qs.

I just saw my new IBD doc last week (IBD Doc #5), so far he seems really good, he told me a lot of things that were in my file from my 2 previous IBD docs, that they never told me, like how close I was to surgery (apperently 1 more remicade infussion, and if that didnt work, then bye bye bowel.. lucky for me it kicked in) he pretty much laid out the whole thing for me, and let me know how he felt about me stopping my meds, moving, having kids etc... at the time a bit upsetting, but I appreciate it. He is also doing all he can to see if he can get me remicade in Ireland, so I give him a 10 so far!


I give my GP a 5 (mis diagnosis at first, but was quite sympathetic when I went back to her after I had had my surgery)

My hospital team (surgeon, gastro and colorectal nurse) all get 10, cos even though I had surgery in the end, my UC was so advanced that it was inevitable that it was going to happen. They all listened to me and valued my opinions, gave me loads of choices regarding my treatment, and have basically been there for when I have needed them :)

Laura x