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Raw Vegan Foods/Recipes

I'm looking for raw vegan foods that are easy to digest and soothing. Smoothies, soups, purees... Anything! Bananas are a life-saver for me. I can eat so many and feel fine (as long as they're nice and ripe!!).
Give chance to try this HEAVY HEALTH JUICE, i found that about a month ago
Some great iron rich juices
also wikipedia answers about iron rich foods

- Take 1l of thick raspberry or blackberry juice,

- 1kg of dried plums,

- 1kg of sugar.

- Clear the plums, add the juice and sugar and boil it on a light temperature. The mixture should look like jam and should be used like it. You can take this every day as much as you want.

- Take one beetroot,

- One celery root,

- 1kg of apples,

- 1kg of garlic,

- 1kg of carrot

- Make a juice out of these groceries in a juicer.

Take a 1kg of red beetroot,

1kg of carrot,
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