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Reaching for answers with Crohn's Disease By Martha Kalichman

Did anyone read this book ? Does anyone have any opinions ? Is there any reason I can't find information in this forum on this book ?

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Captain Obvious
Hey. Just may be that no one has read it yet, maybe no one has posted about/recommended it on here... or maybe never heard of it!

Honestly, I never heard it before now.

Have you read it already and are looking for other people who have it read it as well, or looking to see if it is worth getting?

I just looked it up on Amazon, only $3.99 and up...

If you've read it or do in the future, please post! :)
i found this little report on the book... looks interesting....

Item description for Reaching for Answers to Crohn's Disease by Martha Kalichman...

Researchers have attempted to unveil the mystery of Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis for years. The intricate complexities of these diseases still are not understood fully, and scientists persistently search for the missing puzzle pieces. While studies have been done on the effects of a restricted sugar diet and also the effects of probiotics, research combining the two approaches is lacking. However, preliminary scientific evidence has revealed clues to the credibility of the treatment that Dr. J. Rainer Poley recommends. His approach of suggesting a sucrose restricted diet and taking a reliable probiotic, such as the one containing Lactobacillus GG [Gorbach and Goldin], has initiated the continued remission of Crohn's disease for the author's daughter and others. J. Rainer Poley, M.D. currently practices as a pediatric gastroenterologist at the Brody Medical School at East Carolina University in Greenville, North Carolina. He graduated from the Medical University of Innsbruck, Austria and completed his pediatric and gastroenterology residency at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. Martha Kalichman, a registered nurse, graduated from Norfolk General Hospital School of Nursing in Virginia. For many years she has diligently researched health issues that have affected her husband and two children.