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Reading The Paleo Approach

Im surprised that nobody else has read this? I am also in the process of reading it. I have also done some research on the Stop the Vicious Cycle site. I want to believe that there is some help here, but I find their allowed foods to be very different.
There's so much talk on here about break the vicious cycles. So many people have had success with SCD. I've also read The Perfect Health Diet which sounds like it would be the most reasonable for me long-term. But I am going to keep reading Paleo Approach and cooking AIP for myself most of the time. I don't react to foods immediately so I don't think I have true sensitivities. I feel like it would be okay to allow some grains and dairy at times.
I read Breaking the Vicious Cycle, and I am borrowing The Perfect Health Diet and Paleonista from the library. I doubt I will follow one specific approach, but I like to pick up tips and understand how the body works in regards to health.
I just finished the Paleo Approach. I thought it was very good. I have been doing the auto immune Paleo diet for over 4 months now. I find it satisfying but rather restrictive of course. I feel like my gut is turning around and I am going to start introducing some additional foods. Just added a small bit of rice tonight with my dinner. Hopefully will add egg yoke back in next week if all goes well with the rice. Want to be able to have a more reasonable diet, just eat really healthy for my over all health and keep my crohns in check if possible. I am getting frustrated with the inability to go out and socialize with friends and family on this diet. Good luck with your diet journey!