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Ready to take control

I am glad that I have found this forum, but I don't feel that I ever fit into the "normal" group of crohn's or UC. I don't experience symptoms as severe as some people and almost feel guilty trying to find out more about this disease. My story began several years ago when I suddenly found myself with bloody diarrhea and rushed to the ED. I was admitted and had my first colonoscopy the next morning. I was told Ulcerative Colitis and put on mesalamine and prednisone. I would typically have 2-3 formed stools in the am before leaving for work and would sometimes have to stop on the way to work so I knew all of the restrooms on my route. I had accidents a couple of times. But I felt it was manageable and could live with it. I felt that it was my "remission". My GI that I see has used the term Crohn's since I have been seeing him. I now take Lialda 4.8gm daily. I had a flare in January and put on a prednisone taper and it's better but I still see blood frequently and now am having 4-6 stools every morning and am still fearful to leave in the mornings because the urgency is so bad. I don't have severe pain as some describe and no weight loss. I do sometimes have "spasms" when having a bowel movement but not too bad. I haven't gotten back to the point that I was in January. I have been recently reading about diet and am going to try to modify and see if it helps. I must say that I haven't really tried to take control of this and have let it control me....
Hello and welcome to you and glad you found us here...:)
Meds certainly help in the initial flare up and and help keep the disease in check for the most part.
Your right to try diet as this can play a big part in our ability to attempt to get some control back in our life. Check out some of the wonderful threads on diet management...they should help..
Again welcome.
Take care..

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:welcome: Hi and welcome. First of all, anyone with any symptoms or not or family members of IBD are welcome here. As you say gaining information is what we all want. I wished there was computers in my early diagnosis (shhhhh dont tell anyone lol) but it would of saved me alot of anguish and time and learned more about what could entail in my future as well as learn about meds. Entocort was brand spanking new here in Canada, and it helped but only for mild to moderate cases. However after my first surgery and Laproscopically done resection I was kept on Entocort for many years.

Not everyone has the same symptoms. For instance my sister has Crohns colitis and has not much pain but bleeds uncontrollably. I get pain and my Crohns "knock on wood" has never passed blood. Only once when I had a viral bug in the gut but it was light blood from straining.

Diahreah and Constipation is common and some have not much symptoms to start off with and is controlled. Since there is no cure, it can pop up whenever it feels like. The better you look after yourself the better off you are. Glad you came on. NO one is exempted here. We are to help each other and even if they are not diagnosed. Good attitude you have! Hope to see more of you around the forum.


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Greetings and a most sincere welcome to you :) I'm pleased that you're ready to take control. I think you'll find your symptoms improving in time because of it.

We're here for you any time and I look forward to seeing you around!

*hugs* to you.