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Reality of being sick/undiagnosed

Sunshine, I have been watcing your videos and following your post. You do a good job of explaining how I feel. Thank you for making me not feel as crazy! I dont want a horrible disease such as crohns, but I want to know what is going on inside my body. I know this pain, weight loss, diarrhea and fever are not normal. I know that even though I'm feeling pretty good right now, it is just a matter of time before it hits me again. I've had extensive testing, all normal....I am ready to give up looking for an answer. I feel like my friends and family are getting tired of hearing about it. They sure have a comment on how thin and tired I look though! I think they just think I am depressed. The only thing that has me depressed is not knowing whats going on with me! Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that you make me not feel as alone. I alway thought that I would go to dr. and he would diagnosis me. I never knew how many people deal with not knowing whats going on. Thanks again and take care of yourself.
I'm SO glad that I can help you feel that you are not crazy! because that's how i've felt most of this undiagnosed time and it's just one of the worst feelings. when you feel awful every day and no one has answers, it hits you hard. and it's like, no we are not depressed, we are just tired of being sick with no answers or treatment!
I do not want to have Crohn's or anything like that either, but at this point like you mentioned, you want to know what is going on. And I know that whatever it is that's causing us to go through so much pain, we will be able to handle it, because we were given this life because we are strong enough to live it! And don't ever forget that! :)
Thanks so much again for watching the videos, it really makes me happy that I could make you feel not as alone, because that's the reason why I started making them! :)
Take care!! <3
I feel the same way. No diagnosis, but definitely know that something is going on in my body. Broke out into a terrible, itchy rash all over my body now, and nothing seems to help it go away. Another doctor appointment today...hopefully someone can help!
We all have to stay strong and advocate for ourselves though!!!


Undiagnosed Teenager
Hey, I can't watch the video at the moment, but will do later.
I'm 16 and i've always had rare illness... no idea why, but ever since I was in the womb, i've had problems.
Everything else has been sorted, except this illness that i've had for the past two years.
The doctors don't know what is wrong with me and it stresses me out.

2 nights ago, my stomach flared up and was extremely painful, and I almost had to go the hospital. I managed the night after passing out and went to the doctors the next morning, they said they can't help me until I am almost dying basically. They will help me when nothing will help me but morphine and an ambulance needs to be called to save me.. great. :(